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A Story About Us

Don-ZIn the spring of 2004 I was introduced to the concept of cleaning holding tanks and toilet clogs and restoring the sensors to reading properly, using a hydro jet cleaning process.

From the very beginning I noticed that the tanks were full of what appeared to be sand. Conventional wisdom said it was hard water deposits that had dried along with the organic sludge. I began to notice that some tanks were much worse than others.

In an effort to discover what this cement-like matter really was and what was causing it, I began to ask people what they were using for a holding tank treatment, and videotaped the results during the cleaning process.

I quickly discovered that when there was a chemical based product used exclusively, the hard deposits were very pronounced. When an enzyme/bacteria product was used exclusively, I there was a heavy accumulation of sludge in the bottom of the tank that was too heavy to rinse out under normal hose pressure.

With the help of a machinist, by trial and error, I developed a combination of hydro jet heads that would remove this buildup, but it took a lot of time  – even at 4,000 psi.

Because we were using such high pressure we were turning the sludge into a vapor, and it was immediately obvious that NONE of the tank treatments removed odor; some just masked it a little with a deodorant. The hotter it was the more it smelled!

We quit recommending any particular treatment because we were discovering that none of them really worked. We suggested using Pine Sol to cover the odor, but that is not good for the seals. Water softener pellets in the tank did no good either. Since the tanks we clean during the winter in Arizona are visiting from all over the country, I knew it was not just an Arizona problem, as other people who used common line cleaning heads tried to tell me.

We got so good at cleaning tanks and restoring sensors to proper functioning we developed an entire course to teach others how to clean tanks, but the cleaning was still slow and the problems would reappear all too quickly.

During our search for something that might work, a lady from Japan told me to find out what they used in the “squattie potties” (an open hole in the floor that leads directly to the sewer) in Japan to remove the odor. She said just a few drops of this all natural organic liquid removed the odor.

An extended internet search produced a possibility. A graduate from the University of Missouri had gone to live in Japan and received his post graduate degrees there. He worked in the industry in Japan for 10 years, and in the process he learned the secrets of the natural probiotics that are the basis for TankTechs Rx. He came back to America and gathered together some of the best minds in probiotic technology, and now has a growing business that produces various probiotic products in 30 countries.

I contacted the company and ordered a 5 gallon container of one of their products that looked like it might control odor naturally. I began to test it in various tanks and settings, and found it did indeed eliminate organic odor from decaying matter. I soon realized that it affected the cement-like coating by softening it, or stopped it from growing altogether.

All the beta testers who used it in hot summer tanks in Phoenix, Arizona wanted more, but I could not get any. It was just a test and the international company initially said they were not interested in the RV industry. I was so convinced they could develop something for use in the RV holding tanks that was unlike anything else on the market, I began a regular phone campaign, talking to anyone who would answer the phone at that company.

After a couple of years and countless phone calls, one nearly exasperated microbiologist demanded to know why I was so intent on having them make a product for RV holding tanks. My answer was simple. They had the only stuff that could soften the hard deposits that fouls the tanks and sensors and positively solves the odor problem.

When I described the cement-like substance as a calcium/mineral/sludge mix, the microbiologist informed me that what I was describing was a substance called “struvite” which was first discovered in 1845 in Germany’s growing sewer system. Technically struvite is the mineralization of the gases that form as waste material is breaking down, and it is a problem in every waste water treatment plant in the world.

Now I had their interest! I sent my pictures of the struvites and shared my test results and experiences with the company. They said that if I had figured out all that on my own, they would work with me and make available an RV holding tank treatment that would correct the odor, sludge and struvite problems.

In the midst of using and testing the product, I discovered that if a small trace of it was added to the 4,000 psi stream of my hydro jet system, it would eliminate all odor nearly instantly. (See  youtube/TanktechsRx for videos demonstrating this). Not only did it eliminate the odor, but it killed the harmful bacteria in the process. I had to video tape it to prove to myself that it really was doing what I thought it was doing.

Many were the nights that I lay awake wondering, have we really solved the holding tank problems that have plagued the industry for all these years?

After 3 more years of testing and proving, TankTechs Rx became commercially available in February, 2013. Today I am 100% certain we have solved the problem.

It works! I guarantee it!

Don Z.



What Others Are Saying


TankTechs Rx to the Rescue

The hose came unfastened from the sewer and spewed all over the ground. What happened next? “You sprayed your liquid solution on it and the smell completely disappeared.” How long did it take the smell to go away? “10 seconds!”


Using TankTechs Rx for One Year‬

John, you’ve been using TankTechs Rx for a year now and you just cleaned the tanks. What did you find? “Nothing.” Absolutely nothing in the tanks. “We had no problems whatsoever. We drove the coach several thousand miles in the last year.”  Would you recommend it to others?Absolutely!”


Why RV Techs Like TankTechs Rx ‬

This camper smelled so bad that Nick couldn’t get close enough to work on it. After cleaning with TankTechs Rx, tell me what you smell. “Way better. Don’t smell it at all.” Can you work around that now? “Definitely.”  The other thing is it’s killing the E. coli and the coliform bacteria that’s in there, so it’s safer for you to work on too.


Another Happy TankTechs Rx Customer‬

Kathy from Florida said, “The original problem was odor and tanks registering full. They wouldn’t flush after about a day.” How do they read now after we finished cleaning? They’re perfect. The panel’s clear. Everything is in the green…the tanks are clear and the odor is gone.”




Ground Hog Retaliation
I was having a ground hog problem. I found their main entrance and set off some Gopher Gas. The gas did its job But it forced the hogs into my basement and they clawed their way into my heat pump vents.and into my house causing damage to my new carpet and the heat pump vents.Where they died. After 8 days I finally found where they ended up. The smell and maggots were horrible. I tried Odoban..Bleach..and other products to end the smell problem. Even airing out the house for over a week did nothing for the stench. 
I had just purchased TankTechs Rx for my RV. I called the TankTechs rep. and explained my problem to him. After using less than an ounce of TankTechs Rx in a spray bottle. I when back to the site and sprayed it over the site where the animal was found. I waited 10 minutes and rechecked the site THE ODOR was gone.

Roy Anderson – Owner of Anderson Lock & Security

The Science of Awesome

Recent discoveries in proprietary microbial probiotic technology make TankTechs Rx unlike any other tank treatment available on the market today. The base probiotic was discovered in an effort to protect the health of farm animals from ammonia and methane gas build up.

Let me be candid here. I am not a microbiologist (although I do know some of the best in the world). I don’t totally understand how all this works.

While  personally hydro jet cleaning more than 12,000 holding tanks, I discovered a few things. I know from firsthand experience why the current products do not work. More importantly, I know from experience that TankTechs Rx really does work. Candid video taken in the field and posted here and on YouTube (youtube/tanktechsrx) demonstrate this time after time.

To understand how TankTechs Rx works we have to share a bit of our trade secrets. TankTechs Rx is based on QUORUM SENSING TECHNOLOGY. Our Microbiologists have discovered that 5% of all microbial bacteria are beneficial, (like lactic acid) and 5% are harmful (like E. coli or coliform). The 90% in the middle are neutral. The 90% in the middle will join forces with whichever of the other two holds the quorum.

Decaying matter has a majority of harmful bacteria, as evidenced by the strong odor. When the pathogens in a tank have the quorum, they become pathogenic…i.e. the tank itself is unhealthy and it is a concern for the RVer.

aboutThe key to a healthy, odor free tank is to add enough of the beneficial microbes found in TankTechs Rx for the beneficial microbes to gain the “quorum” and overpower the harmful bacteria. The trick and absolute trade secret here is how to get the beneficial microbes to overpower the harmful microbes.

Using bioluminescent technology, SCD Probiotics discovered that bacterial microbes can communicate across species. They can sense who has the quorum in any given situation. To help the beneficial microbes to gain the quorum, 14 to 17 live, beneficial microbes are combined during a fermentation process, and essentially taught to cooperate and become the healthy beneficial quorum in a tank.

Our process is so successful and predictable it meets the World Health Organization’s standards to be declared a probiotic, giving a positive health benefit for the tank, hence the name TankTechs Rx and the claim “the professional’s prescription for a healthy holding tank”.

These 14-17 microbes coexist and actually feed off each other in a very beneficial way. When introduced into a RV holding tank, these microbes will reduce, and with time, remove organic matter, odor, disease carrying organisms, and liquefy the sludge and grease, allowing the tank to empty faster and cleaner. Instead of passing the problem down the line for the treatment plant to worry about, the treated affluent produces amino and fatty acids and sugars that provide a positive benefit to the tank and the next environment it is introduced to.

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Zane Grey RV Village 4500 AZ-260, Camp Verde, AZ, USA TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (800) 235-0608
World Wide RV 4660 E Main St, Mesa, AZ, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (888) 313-3061
Wide-World R.V. Center 1570 Highway 315, Wilkes-Barre, PA, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (800) 501-0049
White Horse RV Center 920 West White Horse Pike, Egg Harbor City, NJ, USA TankTechsRx retail. Phone (609) 404-1717
Wheels West RV Park 12598 U.S. 16, Custer, SD, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone (605) 673-2570
West Valley RV & Marine 507 East Van Buren Street, Avondale, AZ 85323, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (623) 266-4310
Wally’s World 6718 E. 32nd Street, Yuma, AZ, 85365 (928) 941-1431
Vermont RV Sales 169 Marlboro Rd, Brattleboro, VT, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (802) 254-4881
USA RV & Marine 921 N. Lake Havasu Ave., Lake Havasu City, AZ, 86403-2865 (928) 854-3901
Trotter’s RV 2645 Airway Avenue, Kingman, AZ, United States TankTechsRx retail Phone: (928) 757-9339
TRI-AM RV CENTER 1202 Idell Rd, Bulls Gap, TN, USA TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (833) 700-7172
Traveland RV & Marine 915 South Ely Street, Kennewick, WA, United States Forget About It For Boats retail Phone: (509) 586-8213
Tom’s Camperland-19th Avenue 1620 N. 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85009 (602) 258-3663
Tip’s RV 2811 N Fairfield Rd, Layton, UT, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (801) 771-2703
Timber Lake Campground 112 Bylin Road, Home Valley, WA, 98648
Thousand Trails-Orlando 2110 US Highway 27, Clermont, FL, 34714 (352) 394-5531
The RV Store 4425 Main St, Springfield, OR 97478, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (541) 741-0555
Temecula Valley RV Service 26240 Jackson Ave., Murrieta, CA, 92563 (951) 894-2347
Tank Techs of All Pro Water Flow P.O. Box 1646, Topock, AZ 86436 TankTechs Rx Retail & Mobile Tank Cleaning Service
Phone:(928) 208-1543
Susquehanna RV 2084 U.S. 522, Selinsgrove, PA, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (570) 374-2267
Sunset RV 1018 Elm St, Forest Grove, OR 97116, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone(866) 784-6469
Sun City RV-Peoria 9045 W.Grand Ave., Peoria, AZ, 85345-8108 (623) 979-8585
Sumas RV 230 S. Main St. Colville WA 99114 Tanktechs Rx Retail Store,
Stoney’s RV 11510 East Pike, Cambridge, OH, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone (866) 682-0747
Sterling RV 20590 Cereal Street, Lake Elsinore, CA, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
(951) 530-3005
Spanky’s RV & Marine 400 Riverside Dr, Parker, AZ, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (928) 669-1600
Spanky’s RV 1012 S. Joshua Ave., Parker, AZ, 85344-5027 (928) 669-1600
Southwest RV 17030 N. 63rd Ave., Glendale, AZ, 85308-3706 (623) 486-3452
Southwest Exchange 10179 S. Frontage Rd, Yuma, AZ, 85365 (928) 304-2381
Southside RV Repair 1750 SW Allen St, Corvallis, OR 97333, United States TankTechs Rx retail
South Coast RV Service Center 801 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA, 91911 (619) 476-7195
Snowy Peaks Rv 2009 Hwy 3 Fernie BC V0B1M5 Tanktechs Rx Retail
250 423-4523
Silver Spur RV Park 12622 Silverton Rd NE, Silverton, OR 97381, United States TankTechs Rx retail 503-873-2020
Shelter Island Marine Electrical 2330 Shelter Island Drive, Ste 101, San Diego, CA 92106 Forget About It For Boats, Retail Store
Phone: (619) 223-2182
Shelter Island Inflatables 2819 Cañon St, San Diego, CA 92106, United States Forget About It For Boats, Retail
Phone: (619) 222-1200
Sandy’s West RV Center 1451 W Miracle Mile Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85705-9321 (520) 884-8866
Sandbar Resort 6400 Riverside Drive, Parker, AZ, United States TankTechsRx retail Phone: (928) 667-3116
Samson Body Shop Inc. 1800 Diamond Back Drive, Holbrook, AZ, 86025 (928) 297-0274
Salem RV Center 387 Clifford Rd, Selinsgrove, PA, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (800) 720-3687
RV Traders 2501 E. Main Street, Mesa, AZ, 85213-9222 (480) 833-2611
RV Supply Specialties and Repair 5101 W Van Giesen St, West Richland, WA, United States TankTechs Rx retail 509-967-9084
RV Supply Center 8893 Three Flags Ave. Ste B, Hesperia, CA, 92344-9294 (760) 949-1222
RV Super Center 27941 Jefferson Ave, Temecula, CA 92590, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (877) 699-7380
Local: 951-699-7380
RV Solutions 7680 Copley Park Place, San Diego, CA, 92111 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (858) 573-1000
RV Renovators 2145 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ, 85213 (480) 962-6789
RV Pro Inc 418 Northeast Repass Road, Vancouver, WA, United States TankTechs Rx retail 360-993-4295
RV Plumber 4700 E Main St, Mesa, AZ, United States Holding Tank Cleaning and TankTechsRx retail. (480) 262-5061
RV Parts Inc 605 S MILLIKEN AVE, ONTARIO, CA, 91761 (317) 660-5150
RV Medic – Casa Grande 1231 E. Melrose Loop, Casa Grande, AZ, 85122 (520) 483-0174
RV medic 16623 Yucca St, Hesperia, CA, 92345 (760) 983-5586
RV Master Techs LLC 12445 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85307 (623) 932-5444
RV Holding Tank Service 1703 Melissa St, Longview, TX, United States TankTechs Rx retail & tank cleaning service Phone: (903) 371-0416, Serving northeast Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, some Oklahoma
RV Depot 55661 Twentynine Palms Highway, Yucca Valley, CA, United States TankTechs RV & Septic retail. Phone (7600 365-0946
Ruthrauff RV 2750 W. Ruthrauff Rd., Tucson, AZ, 85705-1858 (520) 887-1101
Rusty’s RV Ranch P.O. BOX 94, Rodeo, NM, 88056 (575) 557-2526
Rosedale RV Parts SVC & Rentals 719 Downing Avenue, Bakersfield, CA, United States TankTechs retail – Phone:(661) 588-0277
Roetzel RV & Parts Sales 550 Truman Baker Drive, Searcy, AR, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (501) 268-7694
Robert Crist and Company RV 2025 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85213, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (888) 863-8833
Local: (480) 834-9410
Riverside Adventure Trails RV Resort 4750 S. Highway 95, Fort Mojave, AZ, 86426 (928) 763-8800
River Lodge RV Resort 675 Parker Dam Road, Parker Dam, CA, United States TankTechsRx retail Phone: (760) 663-4934
Rig Works 2801 Carlton St San Diego CA 92106 Forget About It For Boats Retail
Rick’s Trailer Supply 220 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (949) 498-2342
Richardsons RV 26776 Encanto Drive Menifee, CA, 92585 (866) 509-4488
Richardsons RV 3839 Van Buren, Riverside, CA, 92503 (866) 586-1133
RetroRVs LLC 2630 W. Townley Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85021 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (888) 640-6444
Local: (602) 916-0006
Redondo Marine Hardware 1010 N Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach CA 90277 Forget About It For Boats, Retail Store
Range RV 11626 Mariposa Rd, Hesperia CA, 92345 (760) 949-8919
Prescott Valley Ace Hardward 7211 East 1st Street, Prescott Valley, AZ, USA TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (928) 772-8111
Porter’s R.V.s 971 S Broadway, Coos Bay, OR, United States TankTechs Rx Retail Phone: (541) 269-5121
Ponderosa Mobile RV Service 695 N. State Route 89 Lot#16, Chino Valley, AZ, 86323 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (928) 443-5121
Pleasant Harbor RV Resort 8708 W. Harbor Blvd., Peoria, AZ, 85382 (928) 501-5253
Phoenix Little Dealer Little Prices 2350 W Deer Valley Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85027, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (877) 981-3900
Local: (623) 889-3972
Pearson Marine Fuels 2435 Shelter Island Dr San Diego CA 92106 Forget About It For Boats, Retail store
Paul Evert’s RV Country 4316 Hwy 89, Flagstaff, AZ, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone (928) 526-6771
Paul Evert’s RV Country 90915 Roberts Rd, Coburg, OR 97408, United States TankTechs Rx retail and tank cleaning service available 541-686-6044
Orangewood RV 11449 W Bell Rd Surprise, AZ 85378 TankTechs Rx retail
On The Road Again RV Service & Repair 3649 E. Rosemonte Dr., Phoenix, AZ, 85050 (480) 299-0207
Old West RV 43912 North Black Canyon Highway, New River, AZ, USA TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (602) 753-4100
Oakes RV Service 675 US Highway 180, Springerville, AZ, 85938 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (928) 333-5419
North Point RV Park 7552 U S Highway 259n, Longview, TX, 75605 (903) 663-6400
Norris RV 973 W. Gila Bend Hwy., CASA GRANDE, AZ, 85122 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (520) 836-7921
Moon River RV Resort 1325 Boundary Cone Road, Mohave Valley, AZ, United States TankTechsRx retail Phone: (928) 788-MOON (6666)
Mission RV Park 26397 West Redlands Boulevard, Redlands, CA, United States TankTechsRx retail Phone: (909) 796-7570
May Mobile Marine Inc. 320 State Route 300, Belfair, WA, United States Forget About It For Boats Retail, Phone: (360) 552-2561
Main Street RV 10934 East Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85120, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (480) 626-8845
Long View RV Superstores 27 Lawnacre Road, Windsor Locks, CT, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone (800) 516-9058
Lone Butte RV Storage LLC 1575 S. Nelson Dr., Chandler, AZ, 85226 (480) 488-5188
Lifestyle RV 146 E. Coury Avenue, Mesa, AZ, 85210 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (888) 287-9657
Local: (480) 626-2008
Lesh’s Travel Center 3987 W Chinden Blvd, Boise, ID, United States TankTechs Rx retail 208-342-8679
Legacy RV Center 3711 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone (801) 265-3711
Leaf Verde RV Resort 15005 S Apache Rd, Buckeye, AZ 85326, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone (623) 386-3132
Lazydays RV 3200 East Irvington Road, Tucson, AZ 85714, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (800) 306-4011
Local: (520) 741-2219
Lassen RV 1103 Price Road Southeast, Albany, OR 97322, United States TankTechs Rx retail 503-917-7395
La Mesa RV-Tucson 3255 E. Irvington Rd., Tucson, AZ, 85714 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (520) 807-7200
La Mesa RV-Phoenix 7525 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85035 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (623) 295-3020
Klinks Williams Lake Resort 18607 W. Williams Lake Rd Cheney WA 99004 Tanktechs Rx Retail
Kennewick Ranch & Home 845 N Columbia Center Blvd, Kennewick, WA, United States TankTechs Rx retail 509-737-1996
Karen’s RV Service 1850 Viking Drive, Anchorage, AK, United States TankTechs Rx retail 907-336-2055
Johnny Walker RV Center 4784 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV, USA TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (702) 436-2495
Jim’s Mobile RV Service Rapid City, SD, USA TankTechsRx retail, Mobile Tank Cleaning Service (605) 673-1955
Jims Mobile RV Casa Grande, AZ, United States TankTechs Rx Retail, Mobile Tank Cleaning Service
Phone: (605) 673-1955
Jims Mobile RV Custer, SD, USA TankTechs Rx Retail, Mobile Tank Cleaning Service
Phone: (605) 673-1955
J&J Spearfishing Supplies 2040 Harbor Island Dr. San Diego CA 92101 Forget About It For Boats, Retail Store
J&H RV Park 7901 Us Highway 89, Flagstaff, AZ, United States Seasonal TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (928) 526-1829
Islander RV Resort 751 Beachcomber Boulevard, Lake Havasu City, AZ, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (928) 680-2000
Imperial Trailer Sales & Service Ltd. 1629 Highway 7, Troy, NY, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (518)279-9345
Idle Wheels R.V. Center, Inc. 4625 Missouri Flat Road, Placerville, CA, United States TankTechs Rx retail 530-622-7034
Hitch RV 127 NJ-73, Berlin, NJ, USA TankTechsRx retail. Phone (856) 629-7400
Hilco RV 190 South Avenue B, Yuma, AZ 85364, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (928) 783-6671
Highway Trailer Sales & Service 3250 Ward Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (541) 393-2400
Hidden Valley Camping Area 299 Kiantone Rd, Jamestown, NY, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (716) 569-5433
Hi-Way Campers, Inc 992 Norwich Rd, Plainfield, CT, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (800) 524-8978
Hi Country REC-V-Center 8670 e Hwy 69, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (928) 772-8231
Healthy Tanks 3071 Frontier Dr, Titusville FL, 32796 (321) 446-0175
Harbor Yacht Clubs 1880 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA, United States Forget About It For Boats retail Phone: (800) 553-7245
Harbor Yacht Clubs 700 Queensway Drive, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States Forget About It For Boats retail Phone: (800) 553-7245
Green Star Camper Center 120 North Cambell st. Rapid City SD, 57701 (605) 343-6877
Going Places RV Inc. 22820 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85027 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (623) 221-1161
Gib’s RV Superstore 1845 Ocean Blvd NW, Coos Bay, OR, United States TankTechs Rx retail 800-824-4388
Giant RV 1301 Pomona Rd, Corona, CA, 92880 (951) 279-2450
Giant RV 9150 Benson Ave, Montclair, CA, 91783 (909) 981-0444
Giant Recreation World 1385 N U.S. Hwy 1  Ormond Beach FL 32174 Tanktechs Rx Retail
Gene’s RV & AC 9624 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85207, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (480) 833-7210
Four Seasons Campgrounds 249 Babbling Brook Rd, Scotrun, PA, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (570) 629-2504
Foothills RV Supply – Yuma 11242 Foothills Boulevard, Yuma, AZ 85367, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (928) 342-1704
Flagg RV 865 Quaker Hwy, Uxbridge, MA, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (888) 352-4478
Explorer Marine Services 2818 Cannon St San Diego CA 92106 Forget About It For Boat Retail
Englund Marine Supply 280 N Wilson Ave, Westport, WA, United States TankTechsRx retail (RV, Boat, Septic). Phone: (360) 268-9311
Englund Marine Supply 191 Citizens Dock Road, Crescent City, CA, United States TankTechsRx retail (RV, Boat, Septic). Phone: (707) 464-3230
Englund Marine – RAFT SHOP 847 Northeast 1st Court, Warrenton, OR, United States TankTechsRx retail (RV, Boat, Septic). Phone: (503) 861-3783
Englund Marine & Industrial Supply 95 Hamburg Ave, Astoria, OR, United States TankTechsRx retail (RV, Boat, Septic). Phone (503) 325-4341
Englund Marine & Industrial Supply 91146 Cape Arago Highway, Coos Bay, OR, United States TankTechsRx retail (RV, Boat, Septic). Phone: (541) 888-6723
Englund Marine & Industrial Supply 880 SE Bay Blvd, Newport, OR, United States TankTechsRx retail (RV, Boat, Septic). Phone: (541) 265-9275
Englund Marine & Industrial Supply 123 Howerton Way Southeast, Ilwaco, WA, United States TankTechsRx retail (RV, Boat, Septic). Phone: (360) 642-2308
Englund Marine 2 Commercial Street, Eureka, CA, United States TankTechsRx retail (RV, Boat, Septic). Phone: (707) 444-9266
East Valley RV Specialists 10020 East Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ, (480) 986-0267
Eagles Pride RV ., 108-C Plantation, Titusville FL, 32780 (321) 383-0288
Diederich’s RV Mart, LLC 12319 U.S. 9W, West Coxsackie, NY, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (518) 731-6492
Diamond Hill RV Park 32917 Diamond Hill Drive, Harrisburg, OR, United States TankTechs Rx retail and tank cleaning available
Desert Autoplex RV 2260 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85213, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (888) 385-1122
Local: (480) 964-2277
Delta RV 1960 Ramada Dr. Paso Robles, CA 93446 TankTechs Rx retail
Phone: 805-591-4463
Dean Hill RV Center 3791 Claremont Rd, Charlestown, NH, United States TankTechs Rx retail. Phone (603) 542-6767
Darren Bideaux RV 1448 West 2100 South, West Haven, UT, USA TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (801) 392-2400
Dan Neeley RV Service Northern California, CA, United States TankTechs Rx Retail based in N. CA
Call for current location
Phone: (415) 378-5881
Dakota RV 3831 North Deadwood ave, Rapid City SD, 57702 (605) 348-1212
D & J RV Center 4923 S Hwy 92, Sierra Vista, AZ, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (520) 378-6945
Custer Gulch Campground 25112 Golden Valley Rd, Custer, SD, 57730 (605) 673-4647
Curtis Trailers 10177 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97266, United States TankTechs Rx retail 503-760-1363
Curtis Trailers 21525 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy, Aloha, OR, United States TankTechs Rx retail 503-649-8528
Cousin Gary RV Center 3165 Twin View Blvd, Shasta Lake, CA 96019, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (800) 404-6089
Local: (530) 275-6089
County RV Service Center 10229 Prospect Ave, Santee, CA, United States TankTechsRx retail. Phone: (619) 440-6688
County R.V. Service Center 10229 Prospect Ave, Santee, CA, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (800) 956-9353
Local: (619) 440-6688
Coumbs RV 3052 Pacific Ave SE, Olympia, WA, United States TankTechs Rx retail 360-357-6506
Cordova’s Mobile RV Service 3847 N. Bosque Rd., Golden Valley, AZ, 86413 TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (505) 717-5498
Cook Engine Inc. 530 NE Tomahawk Island Dr, Portland, OR, USA Forget About It For Boats retail. Phone: (503) 289-6466
Coates RV 321 Gate Ave, Williston, ND, 58801 (701) 572-2250
Chuck’s RV Company 4004 E Peone Rd, Mead, WA 99021, United States TankTechs Rx retail 509-534-3069
Captain’s Locker 194 Marine Dr. Suite 100, Long Beach, CA 90839 Forget About It For Boats, Retail Store
Canyon Country Truck Auto & RV 1680 W Acoma Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States TankTechs Rx Retail
Phone: (928) 855-7898
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Questions & Answers

A Few Details About Shipping

Some of our most frequently asked questions:

How do you ship? Our promotional shipping rates are for USPS Priority shipping. We ship this way in order to have insurance on your package, but especially so we can track it in the event that it doesn’t show up where it should when it should.

How long will it take to get my order? There are a few variables here, but the basic info is –

  1. We ship from Tennessee.
  2. Your order will usually be shipped the day after you make it. We are closed weekends, so if you order Friday-Sunday, your order will go out Monday morning.
  3. Priority shipping will get your order to you in 2 or 3 days. There are very few exceptions to this. Believe it or not, USPS is pretty good with this Priority shipping thing.
  4. Of course, if you choose UPS, you can expedite shipping to meet your needs.

Will I receive tracking information? Yes! This will not usually come directly from TankTechs, but will be from UPS, Stamps.com, or USPS Click-N-Ship, depending on the shipping carrier chosen. Keep an eye on your spam folder. It isn’t uncommon for tracking emails to be marked as spam.

USPS doesn’t deliver to my address. Can I still get the promotional shipping rate? Bummer! So sorry, but if this is the case with your address, you are ineligible for our promotional shipping rates and need to choose a UPS shipping option at checkout.

I made a mistake on my shipping address. How do I fix it? You have a couple choices. You can either reply to the order confirmation email you received, or even better, call us at (800) 625-7945 to let us know as quickly as possible.

How can I get free shipping? Choose the USPS Priority option at checkout and shipping is free!

A Lot of Bottles…Which TankTechs Product is Right for Me?

You may have seen all those TankTechs products and wondered if you need to buy different bottles for different uses. The short answer is that we only have one product. Every bottle contains the same awesome probiotic liquid that eliminates odor, breaks down grease, kills mold, digests solid waste, and retards the formation of struvite.

So why all the bottles? Because we don’t get a chance to talk to everyone and instructions for various uses won’t all fit on one label. For instance, if you have a stinky galley tank and you happen to be in a store with no one around to help you, we want you to be able to pick up the bottle that has the instructions you are looking for…fast! TankDrx for Galleys is going to leap off the shelf at you and give you straightforward directions to solve your problem.

Click on the link below to hear Don explain.

What’s the Difference Between the TankTechs Products?

About Toilet Paper

I know, you only use single ply, RV approved toilet paper. Let’s get real. There is no such thing as single ply TP in the hands of a woman. It will be whatever ply she feels comfortable with, and I, for one, am not brave enough to tell any woman what to do in the bathroom. The fact is, the quality of the TP is not as critical as the volume of WATER. (NO, that is NOT an endorsement to use a whole roll each time you go… be reasonable.) I am saying that with moderation, the ladies can use whatever TP they like, as long as they follow the instructions on most toilets and FILL THE BOWL WITH WATER before flushing. It takes 1 gallon of water to move sewage in a 3 inch pipe to the main sewer line in a home. It does not matter if the sewage is going 3 feet or 3 miles, it still takes a gallon of water. If you ALWAYS fill the bowl with water when flushing, you will achieve the recommended 70% water to 30% solids ratio for proper draining of the tank. TankTechs Rx will aid in this process too. It is the only tank treatment that uses structured water and bacteria that actually break the solids down by emulsifying with water rather than condensing the solids into a thick paste as regular enzyme treatments do. While cleaning more than 10,000 tanks, we have discovered that the typical enzyme/bacteria tank treatments just break the solids down into a paste that is heavier than the water, so it does not flush out very well. TankTechs Rx will break this sludge down so the tank will drain better.

Can I Flush This Into My RV Holding Tank?


Antifreeze and TankTechs products do not get along…even the “natural” antifreeze. We recommend that you go ahead and winterize normally and reintroduce TankTechs to your holding tanks when the threat of freezing has passed.

Are You Seriously Telling Me to Never Completely Rinse My Tank Again?

Yep. That’s what we are saying. It’s probably best if you hear it right from the owner’s mouth. Click below to see Don explain it.
Counterintuitive Tank Care

Can TankTechs Rx Damage My Tank/Seals? Is it Possible to Use too Much?

Absolutely not! You could literally fill your waste water tanks with our probiotic formula and it wouldn’t harm a thing. TankTechs products are made from substances that are safe to ingest (just look at that ingredients list!), and a plastic tank and rubber seals are much more rugged than your digestive tract. You can rest assured that what is inside that bottle is the safest thing you could possibly use to keep your holding tanks healthy.

How Can I Tell If Struvite Is Present in My Holding Tank?
  • If the sensors in the black tank are misreading (if they show the tank is full or partially full after emptying), it is likely struvite.
  • If the odor will not go away and the tank empties slowly, it is likely struvite.
  • If you have chunks of what looks like cement clogging your sewer hose, that is struvite that has broken loose from the tank.
  • If you hold the toilet valve open and see a black/brown gritty substance on the pipe or toilet walls that does not readily brush off with a toilet brush, it is struvite. (You can an example of this by clicking HERE)

Many home spun tank remedies, (ice in the tank, water softener, dishwashing detergent) are targeting this, thinking that it is hard water deposits. It is not. TankTechsRx will soften these deposits over time, making brushing effective. The only known total remedy that works every time is to have the tanks hydro jet cleaned by a TankTechs.com licensed dealership. If there is not a dealership in your area, contact TankTechs.com and request  that one be established. We will contact the dealerships nearest you and offer FREE training on how to hydro jet clean any holding tank. TankTechs.com wrote the book on cleaning holding tanks and restoring sensors…literally!

How Can I Unplug the Tank or Toilet?
How Is TankTechs Rx Different From the Other Tank Treatments?

There are four main categories of tank treatments available today. Click HERE to see Don explain each type, or read below.

The Original Formaldehyde Based Tank Treatments

differentThese tank treatments combine formaldehyde, methyl alcohol and coloring to mask the odor of the tank with a very distinctive odor of its own. It “pickles” the waste instead of breaking it down to allow for easier draining of the tank. Because formaldehyde does not break down the waste, struvites are not a problem, nor is there a buildup of sludge in the tank. The main problem here is odor and environmental harm. It will kill all the bacteria in a tank, good or bad. This product cannot be made non-poisonous (according to the label) and is known to harm the ground water supply. It is banned in many places.

The Chemical Based Septic Tank Adaptation Tank Treatments

The chemical based treatments very aggressively break down the organics and then use a deodorant to cover the gas odor. When the gases are released, struvites are formed in the tank and lines, making the tanks difficult to drain. In a matter of weeks they will form struvites on the walls and sensors, causing them to stay lit when the tank is in fact empty. They are the real reason tank sensors do not work well or long. Because some are “natural” in the environment, they claim to be environmentally friendly, yet they all have strong health warnings on the label. They are totally ineffective for odor control, and dilute out of a tank quickly. At best, they mask the odor with a deodorant.

The Modern Enzyme / Bacteria Based Tank Treatments

These treatments use naturally occurring enzymes or bacteria to break down the solids in a tank. Our experience with thousands of tanks has taught us that they indeed do break down the solids, but they leave them in the bottom of the tank as a heavy sludge. Many are based on septic tank treatments, but it is common knowledge that septic tank sludge must be pumped on a regular basis. Most claim to remove the odor but actually use a deodorant or surfactant to hide the odor. All allow struvite growth, some more than others. Being heavier than water, the sludge produced by these treatments makes it difficult for the RV tank flushing systems to operate effectively because the water flows over the sludge.


TankTechs Rx uses the latest probiotic technology to produce an effective, healthy, environmentally friendly tank treatment. It is unique in most every way from all other tank treatments. To learn more see  THE SCIENCE OF AWESOME.

TankTechs Rx is unique in these important ways:

  1. ODOR CONTROL: Consumes odor with probiotic microbes instead of deodorizing.  See youtube/tanktechsrx
  2. SENSOR READING: Keeps the sensors working by reducing sludge, mold and struvite buildup.
  3. TEMPERATURE: Effective between freezing and boiling.  Heat does not decrease effectiveness.
  4. GERM KILLING POWER: TankTechs Rx microbes are known to destroy E. coli and coliform bacteria and produce beneficial antioxidants, leaving any residue healthy for the environment.  The longer it is in the tank, the cleaner the tank gets.
  6. INCREASES EFFECTIVENESS OF TANK FLUSHING SYSTEM WITH 2 WETTING AGENTS:  Select bacteria break down the solids into a liquid. Aids fermentation. Eight years of video evidence demonstrates that enzymes and chemicals in other tank treatments pull the water out of the solids and leave a heavy sludge that does not empty well.
  7. KILLS MOLD and DISSOLVES GALLEY TANK GREASE: TankTechs Rx kills odor causing mold and dissolves grease in the gray tank. Other products use pathogens and enzymes to reduce waste, and pass the problems on to someone else.
  8. CLEANS TANKS DURING STORAGE: Because TankTechs Rx is a reproducing, living organism it can be effectively left in tanks for months to continue cleaning the tank and sensors, and remove odor while in storage.  It will continue to clean and remove odor during storage anywhere it will not freeze.
  9. TRULY NATURAL: TankTechs Rx is not just green, it actually inhibits greenhouse gasses – real health properties from actual food sources.
  10.  PROBIOTIC: TankTechs Rx is the only tank treatment that meets the World Health Organizations definition of probiotics.  TankTechs Rx provides a health benefit to the host and environment.
  11.  LESS DOES MORE: Because TankTechs Rx is a reproducing, living organism, standard dosage is ½ oz. no matter what the tank size. It grows with each flush, and does not dilute away like other products.
  12.  WORKING PROCESS: Fermentation vs. Putrification. The typical chemical and/or enzyme treatments use the putrification method of breaking down the solids which leave the waste in a thick, smelly paste that does not drain from the tank easily. TankTechs Rx uses fermentation and a select consortium of microbes to break down waste into a healthy, wetter, odorless, antioxidant,  allowing for quicker draining.
  13.  STRUCTURED WATER: The microbes and organics are delivered in health-promoting, purified, structured water.
  14.  LIVE MOTHER CULTURE: TankTechs Rx uses a consortium of live, reproducing organisms that work in cooperation to reduce sludge and odor. Other powdered treatments use a few enzymes that are freeze dried in the lab.
  15.  STRUVITE CONTROL: TankTechs Rx is the ONLY product that recognizes the natural formation of struvite in every waste system.  Struvites are the real cause of black tank sensor failure.  TankTechs Rx stops struvites from growing and softens the struvites already in the tank.
  16.  TOTALLY NEW QUORUM SENSING TECHNOLOGY: TankTechs Rx uses the latest advances in probiotics technology to develop a consortium of beneficial microbes that gain a “quorum” in the tank, overpowering the harmful bacteria to liquefy and digest waste and consume odor.
  17.  NO HEALTH WARNING: Because TankTechs Rx is totally harmless to humans and beneficial to the environment, no health warnings are necessary. No danger exists to humans, animals, or the environment.
  18.  UNLIMITED TANK LIFE: No need to drain or reapply every few days.  TankTechs Rx can be left in the tank to clean and remove odor for months. Does not dilute out like chemicals or enzymes.
  19.  RECCOMENDED BY TankTechs.com: The company that discovered struvites (the real cause of holding tank sensor issues), and taught the RV industry how to clean holding tanks and restore sensors, exclusively uses TankTechs Rx. Our only business is cleaning holding tanks, and we know them better than anyone.  See: RV Pro Magazine, March 2013
  20.  GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY: TankTechs Rx was developed in partnership with SCD Probiotics, a worldwide company at the forefront of cutting edge technology in probiotics.
  21. VERIFICATION: Only TankTechs Rx publishes video shot in actual field conditions to verify the claims we make. View the videos at TankTechsRx.com or youtube/tanktechsrx
How Long Will TankTechs Rx Keep My Sensors Working?

In the beginning, we recommended that tanks be cleaned once a year because they would need it. Since TankTechs Rx was introduced to test groups, we have documented that with proper use, the tanks sensors will still read correctly 3 years and longer. Our thinking is if the tanks were still clean 3 years later, they will stay clean. We have noticed that people who only put TankTechs Rx in their black tank, have NO black tank problems, but still have to have the gray tank cleaned. People who use TankTechs Rx in both tanks are not experiencing any black or gray tank sensor problems. You can see their stories HERE

How Much Do I Use? TankTechs Rx INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

Easy to use for Black, Gray and Galley Tanks


  • Add ½ oz. to each holding tank along with 2 to 5 gallons of water, depending on size of tank.
    Leave until tank is full.Empty and repeat as long as you are actively using the RV. No need to rush to empty the tanks, the probiotics in TankTechs Rx will continue to clean the tanks for months.


  • Step 1: First time use – add two ounces to tank through toilet or sink drain, and enough water to cover the bottom of the tank.
  • Step 2: Use normally, remember to ALWAYS completely fill toilet bowl with water before flushing. Allow tank to fill completely; TankTechs Rx can be left for months without dumping.
  • Step 3: When dumping DO NOT completely empty the tank. Leave approximately one inch of liquid in tank to keep the mother culture alive. Note: it is no longer necessary to flush the tank with fresh water. For clarification, see Don talk about this by clicking HERE
  • Step 4: Add ½ ounce to the remaining water in tank and repeat from step 2.


  • Tanks that regularly use TankTechs Rx: Add 1 oz. and fill with ¼ tank of water, OR enough water to cover the highest misreading sensor. When RV is ready for use, drain tanks and refill with ¼ tank of water and ½ oz. TankTechs Rx. Traveling with ¼ tank will help to dislodge any struvite that has not completely dissolved.
  • First time use: Fill all holding tanks with water and add 2 oz. of TankTechs Rx to each dirty tank. Let stand as long as possible, whenever freezing temperatures are not a threat. The living probiotic microbes will live unaffected by temperature as long as the water lasts. When RV is ready for use, drain tanks and refill with ¼ tank of water and ½ oz. TankTechs Rx. Traveling with ¼ tank will help to dislodge any struvite that has not completely dissolved. Some struvite can be VERY thick and take many months to dissolve. If a tank line clogs with struvites, back fill the tank from the outside with a Campco Dual flush or Valtera Flush King. The struvite is softened to the degree that it should break up and empty.

NOTE: 2 caps are approximately ½ oz with the liter bottle cap.
3 caps are approximately 1/2 oz with the 8 oz. bottle cap.

How Often Should the Tanks Be Dumped?

If the tanks are being treated with TankTechs Rx, the short answer is – when they are full or when you are preparing for storage in a place with the potential to freeze.

If you’d like to see Don discuss this topic, click HERE and HERE

Most tank treatments suggest that the tanks be dumped on a weekly basis. This may be because they like to sell their product, or more likely because it has a limited life expectancy in the tank…usually about a week. TankTechs Rx does not work like any other tank treatments. The LONGER you leave it in the tank, the better it works. It will keep working as long as there is something in the tank to feed it. Personally, I leave my black tank ½ full after our Memorial Day weekend outing, and don’t drain it until vacation in August. I never have an odor problem, and the temperature in the closed unit often reaches 150 degrees (I live in Arizona). Throughout the year I have guests stay in the coach for a few days or weekend. I never drain the tank until it is full, even though it is hooked up to a sewer line. If I were to drain it, I would feel like I have to rinse it, and I do that all day every day so I don’t want to when I come home. The longer I leave it, the clearer the water from the black tank comes out, and there is never any sludge. It really is that good!

How Should I Store My RV Holding Tanks?

Storing your RV with TankTechs Rx and a quarter tank of water in each holding tank is generally a really good idea. Because it is a live mother culture it will continue to multiply throughout the storage season, cleaning and deodorizing the tank, but there are some variables here that must be taken into account.

  1. Never store water in a tank where it might freeze; it can damage the tank. Drain the tanks completely before freezing. Refill after the threat of freezing is over in your area, and the tanks will be good to go when you are.
  2. 5th wheel RVs are notorious for sagging tanks because they are wide but not supported. Use less water (about a quarter tank) when storing. Click HERE to see a sagging tank and hear Don talk about storage.
  3. Not all blade valves shut properly. Fix them if they leak.
  4. Storing the RV with TankTechs Rx in really HOT climates is a really GOOD idea. TankTechs.com stores their RVs with the black tank used and half full every summer to test the TankTechs Rx. We never have an odor problem, sensors always work and the unit is ready to go when we are. Some dealerships in Arizona keep TankTechs Rx in the holding tanks on all used units on the lot. It stops the odor and starts the cleaning.
How Thoroughly Must the Tanks Be Rinsed Before Introducing TankTechs Rx?

A good rinsing with water will quickly flush most products out of the black tank system. Struvites present in most black tanks may retain some chemicals that can kill the mother culture in TankTechs Rx and that is part of the reason we recommend adding a larger dose the first time you use it. Most people do not treat the gray/galley tank so flushing is not as critical, but it is practical. (By the way, even if you leave your galley/gray tank open when it’s hooked up to the sewer, it is a good practice to put TankTechs Rx in the tank while traveling. Because TankTechs Rx is effective on mold and E. coli, it kills the spores before they enter the coach, PLUS you don’t get that musty tank odor while on the road.)

Click the link below to see Don explain further.

How Clean Do My Tanks Need to be When Starting with TankTechs Products?

Is the Vent Pipe Plugged? How to Tell

Click HERE to see Don talk about this subject, or read his thoughts below –

This is a very popular theory when the toilet spits back while being flushed, but it’s highly unlikely. Do you realize how much effort it takes to plug a vent? You have to fill the tank totally full with solids, and force it up the vent pipe under pressure. That’s not to say it can’t be done. It can be, but it takes a lot of effort! A plugged vent is really easy to diagnose. While draining the tank, have someone hold the valve open in the toilet. If that improves the flow, the vent is plugged. Vents are easy to fix. Get on the roof, pop the cap off, (ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE THAT IS THE BLACK TANK VENT?) shove a hose down about 6 inches (carefully because there are sharp screws you could hang up on), cover the vent and hose with a towel, and turn the water on to clear the vent. If water comes back up the vent pipe, Huston, we have a problem! Most people think that a spitting and burping toilet is the sign of a plugged vent. That’s close, but it is actually the line between the toilet and tank that is blocked, and likely a pyramid plug. You can read about that under “How Can I Unplug the Tank or Toilet” in these FAQ’s.

MSDS? Yes, SCD Probiotics complies with the current Food Grade Manufacturing Practices

SCD Probiotics complies with the current Food Grade Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guidelines enforced in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration. GMP guidelines provide a system of processes, procedures and documentation to assure the product produced has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that it is represented to possess. Download here.

Septic Tank Treatments in an RV Holding Tank

Many RVers and even some manufacturers believe that treatments designed for home septic tank use will work just was well in the RV holding tank. Simply stated, THEY DON’T. The needs of a holding tank are exactly the OPPOSITE of the needs of a septic tank. A septic tank only works when it is full of water and has time to break the waste down. An RV holding tank is only of any value when it is empty! There is plenty of air in an RV holding tank, and that permits gases to develop and form struvites on the walls of the tank very quickly. The better the agent works, the faster the struvites form, coating the sensors and locking in the odor. The gases released are greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. TankTechs Rx is the only tank treatment that accounts for the struvite build up, and actually eats all the odor, eliminating the struvites and saving the sensors. This is why we recommend that RVs be stored with TankTechs Rx in the holding tanks whenever possible.

As an aside…While septic tank treatments can cause trouble in an RV holding tank, we’ve found that TankTechs Rx is excellent for septic tanks. During the testing stage of TankTechs Rx, we added it to a 1,700 gallon septic tank. It has been and still is monitored for sludge and odor. The treatment of one liter was added to the tank in January 2009, with a second liter added in January 2012. The tank still has NO odor, clear water and NO sludge. This is why campgrounds will be glad to have tanks containing TankTechs Rx dumping in their septic systems!

TankTechs Rx Did Not Remove the Odor

Really? No Way! Ok there is a way. Because TankTechs Rx is scientifically proven to remove odor, failure to do so would likely be from one of four causes:

  1. Not enough probiotics were introduced to gain a quorum over the harmful bacteria. Solution: Add more TankTechs Rx.
  2. Waste is piling up in the tank or the tank has a shelf or lip just below the toilet that catches things when insufficient water is used. Because matter is sticking up out of the water, it can smell very bad very quickly. Solution: Flush with more water (fill the bowl BEFORE flushing the toilet) to disperse the solids into the water throughout the tank.
  3. The mother culture was destroyed during storage from freezing or UV rays from direct sunlight. Solution: Replace old TankTechs Rx. Storing at room temperature will ensure survival of the mother culture for years.
  4. A chemical residue in the tank from previous treatments is killing the microbes. Who knows what the last owner put in? Solution: Rinse well or professionally clean tanks.

Don talks about odor problems while using TankTechs Rx HERE.

Warning Signs That a Toilet is About to Plug and How to Fix It

While the more expensive, upscale electronic flush toilets will keep their intentions to themselves, most common RV toilets will clearly communicate their intent to plug long before they actually do. When they are getting ready to give you grief they will start burping and spitting when you flush. Of course this could be just tank indigestion from over eating, and a quick pull on the outside handle will relieve the pressure and stop the burping.

However, if it is a baby pyramid plug forming, it will still burp and spit back at you after you have emptied the tank. It is actually gasping for air from a partially plugged tank and pipe. If you know that tank is empty and the toilet still burps, shove a hose all the way down to the bottom and turn it on. The best way is with a stiff 3/8” plastic hose cut just long enough to reach the bottom of the tank on a ¼” cone shaped side walk sprayer hose attachment with shutoff. Another way is a hose fitting reduced down to 3/8”. These parts are available at most hardware stores, Lowes or The Home Depot. Leave the valve open to continue draining the tank. Slowly draw the hose back up the pipe to unclog the pipe as you go. There is a video of this unclogging process at PluggedTank.com

If you caught it early enough, this will do the trick…assuming you have not been using chemical tank treatments. Some of the chemicals will cause the paper to crystallize and be very difficult to remove. Calcium Nitrate is particularly bad about this.

What Can I Use to Clean my Toilet, Sink, etc? What Can Kill the Probiotics?

You don’t have to buy special cleaners. When used as directed, most common household cleaners are no threat to the bacteria in TankTechs Rx because they are not used in high enough concentration. A few spritzes, sprays, or squirts washed down the drain with a bunch of water are diluted enough that not much harm will be done to the good bacteria you are cultivating in those tanks. However, if you are concerned about your particular cleaner being super powerful, a great idea is to clean your toilet, shower, and sinks just before you empty your tanks. You don’t have to do that, but if you are worried about killing the probiotics, that’s one way to mitigate the possible impact of your cleaning supplies.

TankTechs Rx is a live probiotic mother culture that reproduces in the holding tank. Some of the microbes in TankTechs Rx were born in volcanoes and some come from glaciers, so temperature of an active mother culture in a tank is not a concern, but when the bacteria is dormant in the bottle, freezing will damage it and reduce its effectiveness. Chloride, bromide and their derivatives will kill the mother culture, so don’t use TankTechs Rx with any other tank treatment. Also, the microbes don’t like UV light. In its dormant state TankTechs Rx should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

What Is Causing My Tank Sensor to Misread?

Black Tank – The primary problem is struvite buildup. Sludge and paper can, but rarely do foul the sensors.

Galley/Gray Tank – Grease and mold are the primary sensor fouling culprits in the these tanks. While you may try to keep grease out of the tank, some types of oil and grease are inevitably making their way down those pipes. Even the oils from our hair and skin, oils in our personal care products, and many other things you may not have thought of will still build up over time. And can you think of a better environment to grow mold? It’s warm and wet in there all the time and mold loves it! Plus, most gray tanks have a 1 ½ inch drain line that does not drain very quickly, so more debris stays in the tank.

Any Tank

Improper tank sensor placement – Some tank sensors were factory placed in the corner of a tank where sludge and paper stack up first. Water does not move in a corner.

Tank Belly – Most tanks are made of a thick but softer ABS plastic type material that can withstand the vibrations of traveling with weight without cracking. Unfortunately, few 5th wheel or travel trailers have adequate support for the tanks. In fact, most are supported with nothing more than a light strap, if that. With age the tank develops a permanent “belly” that keeps the one third light from going out. You can tell if the tank has a belly by how it drains. If it dribbles for 15-20 minutes, it has a belly. As the water flows out, the tank gets lighter and the plastic memory sucks it up (sort of like old men do when young girls walk by) and drains a little more. Electrical short in the sensor panel. Monitors mounted in hallways can easily be shorted by leaning against them grounding the circuit to the back of the panel.

Faulty ground wire leading to the tank – While this is less often the case, it is possible that the wiring to the tank is compromised in some way.

What’s this Stuff Floating (or Settling) in the Bottle?

It is completely natural to see yellow waxy stuff floating or brown silt-like stuff settling in your TankTechs Rx bottle. It doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of the product and is a normal part of the process of the dormant bacteria in the bottle. You can see a video of Don talking about it by clicking the link below.

What’s this Stuff?


Why Add TankTechs Rx to the Galley Tank?

Galley tank odors have ruined more RVing activities than the black tanks ever do. After cleaning thousands of holding tanks from across the nation, TankTechs.com has learned that the most frequent source of offensive odor in an RV is the galley/gray Tank. Galley tanks are the perfect environment for grease and mold growth as well as E. coli bacteria.

Galley tanks typically are vented under the sink with a special cap to prevent tank gases from entering the RV. Nothing stops the gases from entering the coach through dry sink or shower traps. The industry recognizes this issue and is experimenting with new collapsible sink traps to stop the odor backflow. Not only are the odors offensive and annoying, but mold odor can be dangerous.

TankTechs.com, the originator of TankTechs Rx, strongly recommends that galley tanks be treated, especially in motor homes while traveling. An open window can create a vacuum in the tank and pull the gases out of the tank to the open window, filling the coach. PLEA FROM TankTechs Rx TO MOTOR HOME OWNERS: Even if you leave your galley tank open when camping with full hook ups, ALWAYS TRAVEL WITH ENOUGH WATER IN THE GALLEY TANK TO KEEP THE BOTTOM WET AND TankTechs Rx IN THE TANK TO COMBAT THE MOLD AND ODORS. It will clean as you go, keep you safe and get the tank ready for the next stop!

Don’t take our word for it. See what Pete has to say about gray tank odors by clicking HERE

Why Should RV Holding Tanks Be Professionally Cleaned?

The short answer is that having the holding tanks professionally cleaned is the fastest way to restore the tanks to operational health and restore the sensors to proper reading. Having your tanks cleaned by a reputable professional ensures that you are starting with tanks as close to new as possible.

While TankTechs Rx will resolve the odor issue quickly, actually cleaning the sensors and tank will take time, depending on the severity of the struvites and mold. Customers who have used TankTechs Rx in their holding tanks after professional cleaning have not had odor or sensor fouling issues. Many full timers who regularly leave the galley tank open have the tanks cleaned on a yearly basis to rid the galley tank of mold and grease. TankTechs Rx does a wonderful job of eliminating grease and mold and harmful bacteria, but they would rather have it cleaned periodically than bother with closing and opening the handle. Personally, I love the freedom to choose. I do encourage them to close the galley tank and treat it with TankTechs Rx occasionally to keep the mold and E. coli count down, and to ALWAYS TRAVEL with TankTechs Rx in the GALLEY TANK. That prevents the odors from forming and entering the coach.

Will TankTechs Rx Eliminate Odors As Fast in the Tank As It Does in the Videos?

The science behind TankTechs Rx dictates how fast it will react in any given element. On the microbial level it will spread fast when placed in the soil, faster in water and fastest when suspended in the air. The videos show TankTechs Rx being used with a 3,000 psi jetter that is vaporizing the molecules, so they will work instantly because they are already dispersed over the entire area, coming into contact with the foul odor causing bacteria immediately. In a holding tank, there is a mix of water and sludge. It will take longer for the microbes to permeate these elements. Lab tests showed an 80% reduction in odors in 48 hours. That means that if tank has a belly and a lot of sludge build up, it may take two days to reach peak effectiveness. The good news is that once TankTechs Rx gets the quorum in the belly, it will control the odors from then on. If the odors are not gone or significantly diminished within that time period, there may be another factor involved, like a tank with a shelf in it that is holding solids up above the water level. Scientifically, TankTechs Rx will work every time. If it does not, there is another problem that is preventing it from getting to the odors.


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