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The TankTechs Story

In the spring of 2004 I was introduced to the concept of cleaning holding tanks and toilet clogs, and restoring the sensors to reading properly, using a hydro jet cleaning process.

From the very beginning I noticed that the tanks were full of what appeared to be sand. Conventional wisdom said it was hard water deposits that had dried along with the organic sludge. I began to notice that some tanks were much worse than others.

In an effort to discover what this cement-like matter really was and what was causing it, I began to ask people what they were using for a holding tank treatment, and videotaped the results during the cleaning process.

I quickly discovered that when there was a chemical based product used exclusively, the hard deposits were very pronounced. When an enzyme/bacteria product was used exclusively I discovered there was a heavy accumulation of sludge in the bottom of the tank that was too heavy to rinse out under normal hose pressure.
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