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Since you are reading this, you must already know how truly unique and amazing TankTechs Rx is. We have made it as simple as possible for you to get started as a TankTechs Rx distributor or dealer. To become a distributor/dealer you need only to fill out the agreement and supply us with a valid Tax ID number for your state. Printable links for the necessary forms are available on this page. After you have returned the agreement (including the tax id number and your ORIGINAL signature –sorry, no copies, emails or faxes) to TankTechs Rx, we will contact you and you will receive access to the dealers only information area.

From this area you will be able to order product, get sales help, access the tank cleaner’s training manual, download sales materials, videos and articles detailing our experience with specific products that we do not want to put on the public area of the site, as well as a host of other things.

You can skip the rest of this page and download the forms now, if you prefer.
Sales Permit

Download the TankTechs Rx brochure here.

We just want to share why we have chosen to distribute TankTechs Rx this way. We are not crazy, just passionate.

TankTechs Rx is keeping it small and personal on purpose.

We know that there are other ways to distribute our product faster. We are not pursuing large distributors and outlets because we do not want TankTechs Rx to be just another product on a shelf. This product is so good that it will change the RV industry, and frankly we will settle for nothing less. Misreading sensors and tank odor will become a thing of the past.

In partnership with TankTechs.com we have resolved the major tank issues.

• We CAN hydro-jet clean any holding tank and restore the sensors to proper reading.

• We can keep the odor out and the sensors working for years with TankTechs Rx.

• We know how to unclog toilets and lines like no one else, and we are posting it on YouTube.

Today we have Arizona dealerships that are moving towards carrying ONLY TankTechs Rx on their shelves. They know it works so well that they do not want to offer anything else to their customers. They are willing to take the time to explain why to each customer. They are using our training manual to learn how to clean holding tanks before they resell them. We are sharing our hydro-jet training manual and videos with all our distributors so this information can be spread across the nation.

Why are we giving away our technology?
We think it is WRONG to resell any RV with dirty holding tanks.
Dealers don’t clean tanks because they do not know how. This is a $400,000,000 a year industry that is going untapped. It is good for the industry and it is good for the customer…win/win. There is no downside (unless you happen to be committed to another product and will have to make a decision). I have some great stories and video about this already, but they are for distributors only.

The TankTechs Rx distribution theory
TankTechs Rx the product uses Quorum Technology in the tank which introduces a small amount of specific beneficial microorganisms that multiply and take over the quorum, eliminating the harmful bacteria and joining forces with the natural bacteria providing a healthy, odor free tank. Once it gains the quorum, it will maintain it because it is a live culture that continues to reproduce.

TankTechs Rx the company uses our own version of Quorum Technology to introduce the public to TankTechs Rx the product. A small, but growing group of individuals is introducing the powers of TankTechs Rx to the public who in turn introduce it to their friends. Because what it does is so awesome, it must be experienced to be believed. All of our distributors have knowledge and experience with our product, and know that it is vastly superior to everything else available today, and they know why. We have backed up all our claims with video shot in the field with our customers.

The videos show what is really going on in the tanks, not what is assumed. Many of these videos are on YouTube. Some are locked behind the distributor area because the customer was a distributor of another product and honestly did not know what that product was actually doing in the tank. Our goal as a company is the same as it is for the product. We intend to multiply until we have the quorum in the industry.

About TankTechs Rx, the Owner
We all like to know something about the people we do business with, so here is a fairly detailed biography. TankTechs Rx the company is an LLC owned solely by Donald Zimmermann.

Biography: Donald Allen Zimmermann

Donald Zimmermann was born a few miles from downtown Los Angeles on November 25, 1949. He is the second child of Walt Zimmermann of Los Angeles and Thelma Lawson Zimmermann of Yards, Virginia.

Of German decent, Walt Zimmermann retired from 20 years in management with Sears, Robuck then founded Victor Valley Youth For Christ, a youth help organization, in the high desert of California. Thelma retired from the Victor Valley Unified School District where she spent 30 years in the cafeteria service, beginning as an hourly employee and ending her career as Director of Food Services for the district. The family spent the majority of their lives in the desert community of Victor Valley, 90 minutes from Los Angeles.

Donald attended Irwin Elementary School where he was active in the Student Council and sports. Apple Valley Junior High saw Donald dividing his time between the marching band, football, basketball and track. At Victor Valley Senior High he was named to the All Star roster in football, and the number 1 player in the league in tennis, both teams winning their conferences.

Donald attended Azusa Pacific University on a full tennis scholarship, completing the 4 year BA degree in three years with majors in Bible and Psychology and a minor in Sociology. While in college Donald traveled 90 miles twice a week to work beside his father in the nonprofit Youth For Christ student program.

Donald’s Masters of Divinity degree was earned in 3 years at Talbot Theological Seminary La Mirada, California. During those years he continued to travel weekly to the high desert to continue work with Youth For Christ, and he worked full time as the Youth Director at Hope Union Church in Rosemead, California, developing adult volunteers and building and operating an onsite youth center for the community.

Beginning in 1981 Donald returned to Talbot Seminary, earning his Doctorate of Ministry degree. His thesis project was the development of “The Strategy Board”, a 5 minute process to both develop and direct projects in the volunteer community. By following the steps outlined, the participants experience both a group buy in and a personal buy in for the project, and have a working schedule with all the necessary requirements to complete the project.

Occupation and Life
As a resident of a small town, opportunities for youthful employment were very limited. In grade school, Donald earned Christmas money by climbing cottonwood trees to collect mistletoe for door to door sales. During his youth and into college he trapped, netted or otherwise captured anything that moved for sale on the Los Angeles pet markets. High school years saw short term construction and restaurant jobs. In college Don became the Club Director for Victor Valley Youth For Christ, a position he held through college and seminary. At the same time, he was the Youth Pastor for Hope Union Church in Rosemead. Upon graduating from seminary in 1973 he left Hope Union Church to accept the position of Assistant Pastor at First Baptist Church of Apple Valley, the church he had attended since grade school. In 1977 he left to accept the position of Senior Pastor, Deer Valley Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona where he still is today.

While pastor in 1982 Donald accepted responsibility for his grandfather’s nonprofit business, Immanuel Mission to Shut-Ins. The heart of this work had been distilled into a training book that has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide, and been translated into over a dozen languages. Donald wrote and published an additional worker’s manual that has sold alongside his grandfather’s original. Donald is still shipping these training manuals all over the world today.

Because of the lack of financial security provided by nonprofits, as well as his interest in the business world, Donald ventured into a novel sales opportunity in 1983. Donald joined a Danish importer to produce and sell both the equipment and batter to make waffle cones for the ice cream industry. When challenged with the question “why?” He explained, “One day, every ice cream parlor in America will have these cones!” Donald’s business, The Danish Cone Cookery, developed and manufactured a second corn-based batter to hold stew or chili, but before the business got a strong foothold, the major corporations jumped in, copying the equipment and batter and making a mass production model. Donald takes encouragement from seeing his vision catch hold. Today those cones are everywhere just as he predicted.

He continues as the pastor of what is now called Grace Family Fellowship in central Phoenix even as the church is being caught up in all the inner city problems. Donald’s first experience in inner city work at Hope Union Church in Rosemead, California, 5 miles east of down town LA, instilled in him the conviction not to fight the inevitable, but to cooperate with it and plan for it. With that in mind, he knew there would come a time that his present church and its facilities would have to be transferred to an ethnic population. Selling something you don’t own is unthinkable for a nonprofit, so a plan was put into effect in the late 1970’s to give the buildings away when the time came. Knowing what that would mean to a family man financially, Donald has been watching for another business opportunity that he could develop in preparation for the time he would give his “job” away.

In 2004 that opportunity came when his uncle, owner of two Colorado RV parks, introduced him to the concept of cleaning holding tanks. Donald got involved and began a mobile RV holding tank service called TankTechs.com. Aided by an education steeped in research, Donald developed the process and customized equipment to do what the RV industry has declared impossible. Holding tanks and sensors can be physically cleaned. During the process of physically cleaning the tanks, he discovered the mineralization of the gases caused by the current tank treatments. By trial and error and web research he discovered that probiotic technology will correct the mineralization and odor problem associated with RV Holding tanks. Today, in central Arizona, TankTechs.com is recognized by the RV dealers as the leading expert in holding tank technology, treatment and cleaning.

Donald married his high school sweetheart on December 20, 1969, during his senior year of college. One daughter, four sons and their mates have gifted Don and his wife with 17 grandchildren, all living and working in the Phoenix Metro Area.

For three generations the Zimmermanns have always been heavily involved in volunteer work. Max, Walt, and Donald have all spent a lifetime finding and meeting people at their point of need. That help has taken on different forms through the years, but it all comes from the same heart.

Donald has 2 more things he wants to accomplish in his business life. First, he is looking forward to handing over the church property keys to the next generation who will minister to and meet the needs of the Deer Valley Community. Second, just as his small part in the ice cream business has already changed the way people enjoy ice cream and proved to him that one man’s vision can change a society, he is planning to share an even greater gift with the public and the environment. He would like to play a part in stopping the chemical dumping from RV holding tanks, and change the way people view and use RV holding tank products. The new image of RV sensors and holding tank odors will be, “The sensors are reading correctly, they are telling you the tank is in an unhealthy condition. They just need to be cleaned.” We have proven that when properly used, TankTechs Rx will keep the tank odor free, drain quicker and keep the sensors working for years. The RV’s will be healthier and the environment will be better protected when TankTechs Rx is the market leader for holding tank treatment.

IF you actually read all this, you are exactly the kind of person we want to distribute TankTechs Rx. Print the forms, fill them out and send them back. This is going to be great!