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  • Plugged Tank Kit


    Everything you need to clear a black tank plug. Contains TankDrx for Plugged Black Tanks (16 ounces), TankTool Rx, and a Johnny Chock for safely holding open the toilet valve. Detailed instructions for clearing a plug inside the label. Also includes website address for access to helpful video demonstration of use.

  • TankTechs RX Case


    Cases of TankTechs Rx are shipped via FedEx and contain 12 bottles per case.

    TankTechs Rx is the only probiotic liquid tank treatment that provides an actual health benefit to the RV holding tank and environment.  The live probiotic organisms remove odor by destroying harmful bacteria and break down waste and paper to liquid that contains healthy antioxidants. Because the probiotic organisms multiply in the tank using less actually does more.

    The 8oz bottle (16 treatments) retails for $15.99

    The 34oz bottle (68 treatments) retails for $39.95
    FOR ORDERS TO CANADA CALL 1-800-625-7945