About TankTechsRx

Since 2013, TankTechsRx ® in partnership with SCD Probiotics ® has help thousands with the best in natural, sustainable probiotic solutions to unclog and clear buildup, eliminate odor and improve sensor reading on holding and septic tanks. Simply put, we’re the best way to deal with crap.

Our organic products are proven to be the most efficient at unclogging tanks while still being gentle on the environment. Unlike other treatments that use formaldehyde, enzymes or harsh chemicals, TankTechsRx products use patented macrobiotics that are guaranteed to break down solid waste matter without compromising the surrounding ecosystem.

We don’t just provide the best in environmental-friendly probiotic solutions - we are your resource for RV, Marine and Septic Tank maintenance and waste water management.

Our expert technicians have seen a lot of crap and are always available to answer your dirtiest of questions. We are dedicated to building relationships with our customers and pride ourselves on being an accessible resource. After all, our concern for our customers’ #2 problems are our #1 priority.

Check out our Video Library for detailed information, tips and tricks to address any septic or holding tank issues you may have. In our FAQs, you’ll find answers to the most common, and many uncommon, questions asked about our products and the solutions they provide.

Our Story

TankTechsRx was founded by Don Zimmermann, whose 15+ year career started with cleaning RV holding tanks, clearing toilet clogs and restoring tank sensors using a hydro jet cleaning process. He noticed in using this process that most tanks were full of hard, cement-like deposits and organic sludge buildup that were nearly impossible to fully remove.

Determined to find out a more proactive solution to clearing these buildups, Don began his research and documented his findings on video. He soon found correlation between the solid masses and chemical-based septic tank solutions and realized that when an enzyme or chemical-based product was used exclusively, the accumulation of was too heavy to rinse out under normal hose pressure. Worse, because the hydro jet cleaning process employed such high-pressure water, the sludge would turn to vapor and was not effective in removing the buildup or odor (and in many cases, made the smell stronger).

Not a man to back down from a crappy situation, Don turned his attention to developing a better way to removed buildup, clear clogs and reduce odor for his fellow RV enthusiasts. After years of research, collaboration and experimentation, Don found answers that radically changed our understanding of holding tanks, their problems and their maintenance.

These answers eventually developed and broadened into TankTechsRx’s patented line of RV, Marine and septic system products that we know and love today. Don’s video research grew into a popular YouTube channel as a preferred resource for those looking for help with their tank problems, and we continue to engage and inform our clients with new informative videos, which you can view in our Video Library.

If you have an RV, Marine or septic tank problem, Contact us today.  We're hereto help! 

Don Zimmermann

It works! I guarantee it!