Cleaning Marine Holding Tank Sensors

Posted by Tank Techs on December 31, 2019


The most common type of marine holding tank sensor is an internal tank float. Less common are the electronic sensors (internal or external). Because the tank float sensors are mechanical, they tend to foul and stick, especially in a saltwater environment.

It is possible to remove these floats from the tank and clean them by hand to get them operating properly again, but it isn’t exactly easy or fun.

After hearing about Forget About It For Boats, one tugboat club in Washington did a test by removing identical sensors (in similar condition) from their respective tanks and cleaning them.

Sensor #1: Cleaned by hand, requiring considerable effort and stiff brushing to get it clean and moving freely again.

Sensor #2: Soaked overnight in a 5-gallon bucket with Forget About It For Boats added to the water in the bucket. The next day it was removed and the crust that enshrouded and blocked the posts was washed off with just hose pressure and no brushing.

We do not know how typical these test results are, but we do know that adding Forget About It For Boats will do the same thing in a holding tank without the need to touch the sensors yourself. The wave motion in a moving vessel will have the same effect, cleaning the sensors in the tank plus it will keep them clean and the tank odor and sludge free.

We haven’t forgotten electronic sensors. Forget About It For Boats will clean the tank (and any interior sensor parts) and get them functioning again, too.

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