#1 RV holding tank and sensor problem: Struvite (Mineral Deposits).

We at TankTechsRx have a love / hate relationship with Struvite. Why is TankTechsRx very grateful to Struvite? Without struvite there would be no TankTechsRx. Without TankTechsRx the RVing public would be forced to continue to use harmful chemicals and weak bacteria with a little deodorant to keep the RV livable. The struvite, sludge and odor problems would still be unresolved. All previous tank additives digested solids to sludge and the odor was masked with a deodorant that needed frequent replenishing. Struvite forced us to find a better way. And we did. We got our start battling struvite in RV holding tanks. Everyone knew it was there, no one knew what it was or how to get rid of it or stop it from forming. It was usually passed off as mineral deposits or urine crystals or a combination of both. After hydro jet cleaning tens of thousands of RV holding tanks, TankTechsRx has declared Struvite to be the number one black holding tank problem in RVs. But hydro jet cleaning was not the final answer, it just came back in weeks. Why do we HATE Struvite? Struvite buildup accounts for the vast majority of black tank sensor misreads. Struvite causes black tanks to drain slowly and incompletely. Struvite clogs the lines. Struvite leaves a cement like buildup in the toilet just below the valve as well as the tank and lines. Struvite adds weight to the tank that must be removed. The only good thing we have to say about struvite is TankTechsRx will get rid of it, and good riddance. If you are new to RVing or never heard of Struvite before, we have a complete library of videos taken in RV parks showing the prevalence of struvite. Watch enough of them to allow your mind to be convinced struvite is real and a serious problem that must be eliminated in your holding tank. Jump over to the testimonials and see how fellow campers were shocked to find it in their tanks. TankTechsRx is the only product available that recognizes what struvite is and was designed to remove it, plus odor and sludge. Jump over to our order page and pick up a bottle for your RV and start the process of removing the struvite plus the sludge and odor. Did I mention best price and free shipping?