Big boat dosage.

Because Forget About It For Boats is a living and multiplying probiotic mother culture, large vessels with tanks of 100 gallons or more will use less than might be expected if the proper steps are taken.
First pump out the tank as completely as possible. If Formaldehyde has been used rinse as well as possible too. Add 6 oz of Forget About It For Boats through the head into this now near empty tank. Hold the sewage until the tank is full before pumping out. It does not matter how long that takes. After pumping out, DO NOT RINSE. We want to leave the mother culture in the bottom. The longer it is held, the better it will work. Most tanks will not pump completely empty, which is just what Forget About It For Boats needs. After emptying the tank, leaving an inch or so of liquid in the bottom, add 6 ounces again (The second time). Hold as long as possible, empty to one inch and this time add 3 ounces of Forget About It For Boats. Repeat this 3 ounce treatment as the standard from the third pump out on. Send any questions to or on our contact form on the web.

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