Can I mix Forget About It For Boats with other tank treatments?

Forget About It For Boats is designed to be used as a stand alone product. It will do everything needed in a boat holding tank to control odor, consume sludge and clean sensors and lines. Forget About It For Boats will not react negatively with any other treatments because we ONLY use naturally occurring probiotic strains that do not negatively react with any other chemicals, enzymes or bacteria. That is not true for all treatments. Many treatments have strong cautions on their label about mixing their products with any other treatment. When it says that, we believe it so we don’t recommend it either. Evidently some products mixed together can pose a danger to the system or health risk. It is unlikely that the bacteria or enzyme treatments would do any harm to the microbes in Forget About It For Boats but the label does not always tell what is really in the product. We have made a habit of reading the government mandated Safety Data Sheet for all products. It is amazing how often what is on the label does not match what is on the SDS sheet. We recommend you check them out for yourself. Google the product name plus SDS to read them for yourself. We know Formaldehyde and Bronopol based products will kill the bacteria that forms our mother culture and there is a popular chemical base product that we assume will kill bacteria because their Safety Data Sheet says it is highly toxic and will kill fish and invertebrate sea life.
The best practice is to always flush out the old treatment before adding Forget About It For Boats the first time. It does not need anything else added to it.

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