Can using nothing in a holding tank be dangerous?

The short answer is yes, here is why.
The National Association of Wastewater Technicians teaches septic tank inspectors a septic tank does not need any additional chemicals or additives to aid the septic tank in breaking down the solids. The natural bacteria in sewage will work just fine in the tank, but it must be periodically pumped to eliminate the sludge. Logically the same thing that happens in a septic tank will happen in an RV holding tank. They are both doing the same thing. What happens in the septic tank? According to the Home Adviser the simplified answer to how this happens in the septic tank is that hydrogen sulfide gas is generated by sulfate bacteria that are breaking down the organic waste in the septic tank as a part of the anaerobic digestion process. It is a colorless chalcogen hydride gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. It is very poisonous, corrosive, and flammable.
The fire risk sounds extreme but according to their Safety Data Sheet, two different products warn of low flash points or extreme fire volatility inherent in their holding tank product. It appears that adding nothing can pose at least some degree of danger to people and the holding tank environment. The overall danger is less in a septic tank because it is buried below ground with no real direct access to the surrounding environment. It does however crumble the cement holding tank. Even pathogens do not present much of a threat under normal septic tank conditions. Do you want your RV holding tank producing something that fills the tank with sludge, stinks, poisons, corrodes, burns and contains unknown pathogens? What they left out of a septic tank that happens in a RV holding tank is the building up of Struvite too! RV holding tank technicians report that some of the current tank treatments use chemicals or bacteria strains that aggravate some or all of these problems. There is a reason why many technicians dislike working on a RV holding tank. It poses an environmental and health risk. All these potential problems can enter the RV any time the toilet is flushed. The only holding tank product that specifically addresses and corrects all of these issues is TankTechsRx. It was created using historically beneficial probiotic bacteria in a patented 30 day fermenting process to consume sludge and odor with no toxic side effects in any way. It outcompetes harmful pathogens and is compatible with every material and poses no fire risk. The added benefit is the resulting product is GOOD for the environment, especially the septic waste system it will eventually end up in. These facts are documented in our government required Safety Data Sheets. What on earth would stop anyone from switching to TankTechsRx right now?

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