Clearing a plugged toilet with just hose pressure

It’s easy to unplug an RV toilet IF you know what is really wrong and where the problem really is. We constantly get calls asking if adding TankTechsRx to a clogged toilet will unclog it. The short answer is maybe. Our page goes into this in detail but there is one thing I want to EMPHASIZE about a plugged toilet. The problem began with a pyramid plug stacking up in the tank thus blocking the toilet pipe. The tank itself is usually empty because it will stack up and clog the pipe to the toilet first. The real issue is how far up the pipe does the paper and waste go. If it is just barely clogging the pipe, then yes, TankTechsRx will unclog it. It will clog again quickly if TankTechsRx is not kept in the tank because the base of the pyramid is still there. If the paper is stacked up the pipe a foot or more TankTechsRx is not going to eat through that kind of plug in a reasonable amount of time. YES, we have read the claims other products make about how their product is guaranteed to work in 12 hours without moving the RV. They can make that claim in good faith because it does sometimes work when the pipe is not stacked with paper. The problem is made even worse if a chemical treatment has been used. Some chemicals can and will harden in the paper stacked in the pipe and make it worse. Our products were developed by technicians who actually observed with fiber optic cameras what the real issue was and designed working solutions for the average RVer from their extensive experience. We literally wrote the training manual that the professionals use to learn how to clean a holding tank. For more detailed information visit Clearing a plugged toilet is easier than you would think….if you know how.
SUMMARY: The toilet is likely clogged because there is a stack of paper coming up the pipe that has to be partially removed to drain the toilet.

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