Composting toilets.

Tiny houses are the new rage and many come with an environmentally friendly composting toilet. They are great for limited use applications. There are several designs, but most use a composting medium to hold the solids during the composting process. They divert the urine or filter it to another containment area that must be emptied. There are many positive benefits of a composting toilet and several limiting concerns. Beyond having to deal with the urine continuously, the industry suggests the composting process can take an average of 60 days to break down the solids completely. Some manuals suggest the compost is good for about 90 flushes. High demand on the system is likely going to result in frequent change of the compost material or compost failure and odor problems. By Using TankTechsRx for Septic Systems in the compost the breakdown process will be greatly enhanced and the odor better controlled. The solids will be consumed and allow the compost material to work more effectively much longer. To use TankTechsRx for Septic Systems put an initial dose of 2 oz into the Compost by flushing and tumbling it. Add 2 caps once a month under normal usage. If company is coming and the demand is going to rise, add an extra 2 caps before they arrive to help handle the higher demand.

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