Determining dosage for your boat.

When determining how much Forget About It For Boats to use initially, a basic rule of thumb is a 10 to 1 ratio. For every 10 gallons of capacity in the holding tank, add 1 ounce of Forget About It For Boats. A 30 gallon tank would require 3 ounces in the initial treatment. A 40 to 70 gallon tank would only use 4 to 5 oz. A 75 to 100 gallon tank would only use 5 to 6 oz. Hold for as long as possible before pumping. After the first pump out, and then from every pump out thereafter, only add ½ as much as was added the first time. This can even be cut back further as the tank gets cleaner. The tank is deliberately overdosed the first time to capture the quorum of bacteria in the tank with healthy and multiplying probiotic microbes.
The reason the larger tanks do not require as much is because the tank is emptied before adding Forget About It For Boats and the amount of liquid remaining in the bottom of a 40 gallon tank is not all that much more than the 80 gallon tanks because the tank tends to gain volume by being taller, not wider and longer. The other HUGE reason is, Forget About It For Boats will grow while consuming the waste and odor. That’s right, it will grow while the tank is being used. Unlike other products that dilute with every flush, Forget About It For Boats will MULTIPLY and get stronger with every flush. NO, it is not going to out grow the tank, this is probiotic bacterial growth that cannot be seen with the naked eye. What will also not be seen is a sludge build up nor will an odor be noticed.
As always, if you have a question about treating your holding tank, contact us at We will get you the answer you need.

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