Enzyme / Bacteria Based Treatments Create Sludge.

Don’t you love scientific advancements that are better for the environment and resolve a real-life issue?  Enzyme/Bacteria RV treatments were the rage, back in the 80’s. Everyone brought out a newer and better version, at least that was the claim. They were light years ahead of the environmental nightmare of Formaldehyde or chemical treatments that were in use. The enzyme/bacteria was blended with a pleasant smelling chemical based deodorant that was an great improvement in the RV experience.  By the time TankTechs began to clean RV holding tanks in 2004 these types of treatments were firmly entrenched as the go to products for this new environmentally friendly age.  Being tasked with physically cleaning holding tanks with a hydro jet at 3000 psi we became intimately acquainted with what all products were doing in the holding tank. Being required to know the potential dangers of the fumes that our technicians were subjected to during cleaning, we had to study the Safety Data Sheets to see what actually was in all the products.  Unfortunately, many were not as safe for the environment as their labels claimed and some were out right dangerous according to the SDS.  Very quickly we discovered that not one treatment worked to control odor and the sludge left behind was so thick if we did not use double water or a very slow cleaning process, the sludge would clog the hose and it would have to be hand drained. That was confirmed for us by the EPA bulletin 909-99-002:  Enzymes and bacteria leave sludge. While enzyme/bacteria-based products were better than the old stuff, they left a lot to be desired. Our experience cleaning tanks proved to us that none of them actually did what we expected them to do.  When we discovered TankTechsRx and started using it the results were so different when cleaning we worked to prefect it and bring it to the RVing public. From a technician’s viewpoint it exceeded all our expectations.  Because it is a waste and odor consumer and not a digester it resolved all the issues. TankTechsRx turns the waste in to energy with the byproduct mostly consisting of water and carbon dioxide gas.  On one occasion we cleaned a RV black tank in a park for a customer because a relative left the valve open and the toilet plugged. It cleaned in minuets with no odor or sludge.  It was the cleanest plug we had ever done to that point.  Out of curiosity we asked the customer what tank product she was using to keep the tank so clean.  She smiled, went back to the bathroom and brought back a bottle and said with a giggle, you forgot, you gave me your product last year. That was the first time we experienced firsthand the difference TankTechsRx will make in a holding tank and our SDS sheet reinforces the fact it can only help, not harm.