How can I tell if Forget About It For Boats is working?

Forget About It For Boats has a long shelf life even after the bottle is open. There are two easy ways to check the health of the probiotic bacteria in the bottle. First, smell it. Healthy bacteria in our product will maintain the smell of the fermented molasses with no offensive odor. Unhealthy bacteria or dead bacteria will overpower the molasses and smell really awful, there will be no doubt. It is not all that easy to kill, but we deliberately killed some once just to find that out.
The second test is to put one half oz of Forget About It For Boats in a 16 oz spray bottle and spray the air where there is a foul organic based odor. A trash can or bathroom will work fine for this test. If there is an immediate reduction in the odor, the probiotic mixture is alive and working. It is possible to have a foul non organic odor that will not be removed so in that case try a different source of odor or do the smell test.
If the question arose from tank odor there are some likely reasons. First the probiotics may not have been activated. Pouring the product into a clean tank with clean water will not allow it to activate by growing. It works by multiplying and needs a food source. Second, there may be some toxic chemical in the sludge in the tank, like formaldehyde. All toxic chemicals must be rinsed thoroughly before adding Forget About It For Boats to the tank. We have Faq’s on how to do that. Third, the microbes need to be fed to continue to work or the can go dormant or even starve to death. Easy fix, USE YOUR HEAD.

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