How can I tell that I’ve left enough liquid in the holding tank?

Judging the water level in a holding tank is simple if you know the tricks or have the tools. TankTechsRx is so different from every other tank additive that it is BEST LEFT NEGLECTED. Just two simple steps. Pour a very modest amount in, let it fill with no time limit, dump most of it out, but save some and do not flush it out. Fast, efficient, and effective. The accompanying video shows two very easy ways to tell how the tank is near empty. These methods will NOT work on some motor homes that release the effluent from the bottom of the tank. It will work on trailers and 5th wheels and most motor homes. To estimate how much effluent is left in the tank while draining, attach a clear view adaptor between the tank and the hose. When the water level in the clear view is ½ to 1/3 shut the valve and you are done draining. No rinsing and no adding water to the tank. Flush 2 capfuls of TankTechsRx down the toilet and that is all there is to it. TankTechsRx does all the work for you. If a clear view adaptor cannot be used, hold the hose in your hand and when you will feel and hear the water slowing down, shut the handle. How much you leave in the tank is not as important as the fact you leave some in the tank and DO NOT RINSE. By keeping the mother culture in tank you always have a strong starting base. If for some reason you dump 100 percent of the tank, add two ounces to this tank and then two caps after the next dump out. That will guarantee the probiotic bacteria keep the quorum. We like to error on the side of keeping more than less even if it means we dump out a day sooner. The TankTechsRx method is so easy it is no big deal and, in most tanks, takes than two minuets. In tank emptying most of the time is spent draining out the last 1 inch because it does not have the water column weight and pressure to move it.