How do I get rid of the hard build up in the lines?

Mineral build up in the pump out and vent lines is a part of boating. Caused by the off gassing that occurs when waste breaks down, the gasses float up and crystalize in the sides of the tank, foul the sensors and clog the lines. Traditionally the mineralization or technically STRUVITE as it was named in 1849, is removed by pouring very caustic acid down the pipe or removing and physically cleaning or replacing the lines. There is a far easier way to remove it and stop it from growing. Forget About It For Boats contains a patented blend of probiotic bacteria that will soften and consume struvite throughout the entire septic system during normal usage. These microbes will replace the off gassing that causes the build up to an odorless gas that will soften and consume the buildup.
Recap: to get rid of struvite in the lines add Forget About It For Boats to the holding tank.
See FAQ What is clogging the vent line? For more information on struvite formation and removal.

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