How does Forget About It for Boats effect on shore sewage treatment systems?

If the holding tank is not pumped out at sea where the all-natural patented blend of probiotic microbes is beneficial to the environment, it will be pumped out into some kind of holding tank on the dock and then end up in a private or public sewer system to be treated. Unlike some popular boat holding tank treatments that are highly toxic to the environment and can harm a septic system, Forget About It For Boats will have a positive impact on any type of onshore sewage treatment system. Forget About It For Boats has a compatible sister product (TankTechsRx for Septic Systems) that is used specifically for septic systems from small home septic tanks to large municipal plants and a compatible RV holding tank product (TankTechsRx). All three compatible products are based on the same Help Not Harm commitment and are all probiotic based blended to consume sludge and odor. If you have an RV or a home septic tank, check out the FAQ’s and videos for the other products too. They work in their environments just as well as Forget About It For Boats does in a boat.

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