How is Forget About it for boats Different from other products?

The MSD or marine sanitation device on a boat is designed to hold the waste from the head until it can be pumped out or pumped overboard. Most MSD treatments use a chemical deodorant to mask the odor that is caused by chemical, simple bacteria or enzymes digesting the waste in the tank creating an off gassing. These additives must be continuously added to achieve any kind of effectiveness and mask the odor. Complete pump outs and rinsing is recommended after each trip with other products. They are not designed to remain in the tank for long periods of time. They dilute quickly, some in minutes, all within days. Forget About It for Boats uses a patented blend and process of living probiotic microbes that turn the waste into energy and multiply in the tank, eliminating the odor and sludge by consuming the solids into what looks like water. The final result contains healthy antioxidants and sugars for the benefit of the environment. The longer it is left in the boat, the clearer the water becomes. It is no longer necessary to add more between pump outs. Now the LONGER you wait between pump outs the better the microbes will clean the tank, sensors, vent lines and pump out lines. This blend of bacteria will multiply in the tank whenever a new food source is added so using the head regularly is beneficial. It will continue to consume until the tank is full and needs to be pumped out. That’s right, it is now BETTER to use the head on the boat to feed the living mother culture. It is truly the opposite of every other tank treatment on the market today and it is good for the environment when pumping at sea. Just compare the Safety Data Sheets for each product readily available online.

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