How long does it take for Forget About It For Boats to work?

Forget About It For Boats uses a blend of 14 to 17 naturally occurring probiotic (beneficial) bacteria in a patented 30 day fermenting process to consume the odor and sludge in a holding tank. In order to work the bacteria must be activated by placing them in the environment they were designed for, in this case boat holding tank effluent. They will repopulated at a rate of up to 19 billion to one every 12 hours. Depending on the amount of sludge and the initial dosage it could take up to 72 hours to completely capture the quorum and outcompete the harmful bacteria for the food source. A reduction of odor will be the first sign that the process has begun. Once the tank has been captured by the probiotic bacteria in Forget About It For Boats, it will keep the quorum as long as there is a food source present. So Use Your Head and Forget About It For Boats.

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