How long does it take for odor to go away?

When TankTechsRx is injected by the jetter or one ounce is poured into the tank through the toilet, the odor will be gone in seconds. This is because when the patented probiotic blend is turned into a vapor in the tank, it will near immediately remove the odor because it is now molecule on molecule and the TankTechsRx will out preform the odor bacteria. It does not kill the bacteria out right, it outcompetes it. The exact process is a mystery to me, I just know the odor is gone every time I do this…and I did it to 13,000 tanks when I was doing the cleaning. There is no other product on the market that can do this. TankTechsRx will definitely not remove odor that fast in water or sludge because the molecules are moving much slower in the heavy material and cannot capture the environment that fast. I can take up to 72 hours to capture the quorum in a really foul tank, but once it is captured, the power of TankTechsRx will keep cleaning it and it will be almost odor free. In lab testing it reduces odor by 80%. If the odor was 100% removed that would mean the food source was also 100% removed. We like to keep it healthy by keeping it fed.

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