How safe is forget about it for boats for the plumbing and valves?

Forget About It For Boats is made from all natural naturally occurring food grade probiotic microbes that will not harm the plumbing or seals in a boat head system in any way. As reported in the government required Safety Data Sheet, it has no negative interactions with any material. It is compatible and completely safe for the valves, lines and seals in the entire system. It has the added benefit of cleaning the pump out and vent lines and protecting the joker valves and various seals and shutoffs through out the system by consuming the struvite crystals that attach to and or clog them. It helps to clean the mechanicals in the pumps, vacuum flush systems and macerator systems by not allowing struvite to build up in the system or cleaning the struvite that is already present. It will clean and correct corroded tank gages and restore them to proper functioning. Unlike most holding tank products that, for safety reasons, restrict combining their products with any other products, Forget About It For Boats can safely be combined with any existing tank treatment. However, this is not recommended because some of the treatments are chemical based and toxic to the living mother culture. In short, Forget About It For Boats will not harm any part of the system, it will only help.

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