How to get a 5th wheel trailer with sagging tanks to drain.

If you have a 5th wheel, it most likely has a sagging tank. Most 5th wheels and many bumper pull trailer tanks don’t drain easily.  How can you tell if your tank has a belly and is not draining completely?  Climb under the unit and look.  If the bottom of the coach is covered and the tanks cannot be seen, there is an easy way to detect a belly in the tank.  Pull the handle.  If the water stops flowing very quickly with little dribbling, there is not much of a belly.  If the tank dribbles for several minutes there is a belly.  It drains slowly and dribbles because the weight in the tank is lessening and the plastic memory is returning the tank to a flatter position. There are some choices here.  Brace up the bottom of the tank to take the belly out is the best permanent solution but it is not always practical or easily done.  If done improperly holes can be rubbed into the tank from road vibrations causing the tank to leak.  If you are handy, a simple fix is to cut a ¾ inch of plywood to match the tank.  To prevent rubbing holes in the tank, cover the top of the plywood with a matching piece of protective carpet or rubber mat.  Attach the plywood to the frame rails that hold the tank in place.  There are to many tank styles to be more specific.  This might be a job for a pro or a really handy friend. If you chose to do nothing at this time be sure not to leave more than an inch of water in the tank when traveling to reduce the weight and absolutely be sure to add TankTechsRx to the tank to reduce the sludge weight in the tank.

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