How to make the black tank flusher more effective.

One of the very first tanks we ever cleaned was for a top Instructor for the RVIA certification for Technicians training school. He was a trainer for the trainers in the industry. There was nothing he did not know about RV’s. His stated opinion was tanks would not need hydro-jet cleaning if people just used the chemicals to break down the product and use the tank flusher to flush the system. To prove his point, we went to his own motor coach in the park across the street and he drained and flushed the tanks until the water ran clear. Then he opened the toilet valve and showed me the clean bottom of the holding tank. It was clean in that spot, but I asked permission to put in a fiberoptic sewer camera to verify that the entire tank was clean. I thought it wasn’t because it did not SMELL clean. As you can see the camera revealed what in black and white looked like the snow-covered Rockies. He was shocked. I offered to clean his tank and he was amazed at how much more paper and sludge came out. I have repeated this experience thousands of times over the years. For years I videotaped every different kind of flushing system installed and to be honest, none of them are capable of moving sludge or paper in any quality. None were significantly different that the one pictured above. They never have enough pressure or volume to move anything. The water only runs clear because it cleared one small valley in the sludge. Flushers just put water in the tank which can be a good thing IF there is no sludge in the tank. When using TankTechsRx we do not recommend flushing the tank at all unless it is time to put it into storage. TankTechsRx will consume all the sludge and paper and leave only what looks like off color water that can be flushed easily. Since most trailers and 5th wheels have a sag or tank belly we recommend that you either climb under the unit and push up on the tank to empty it completely or add RV antifreeze to the tank. When the new season rolls around the flusher will work just fine to flush out the antifreeze before adding 2 oz of TankTechsRx to start the season and then only 2 caps after each.
SUMMARY: By using TankTechsRx in the tank the flusher will work at maximum efficiency when it comes time to flush the tank.