How to resolve hose permeation odor with forget about it for boats.

Over time the pump out hose can become permeated and sweat a sticky smelly fluid that permeates the bilge with a foul odor. Some hoses may be old and bad enough that they need to be replaced but many can be saved. With Forget About It For Boats in the holding tank, the problem IN the hose is being resolved, but the problem ON the outside of the hose will still needs to be addressed. The easiest way to treat the outside of the hose is to mix ½ oz to 1 oz of Forget About It For Boats with water in a 16 oz spray bottle. Spray the hose and affected areas enough to get the hose and area damp. DO NOT DRY or spray any electrical components. In the areas where the hose is behind a panel or wall, spray at the opening and fog the area in the wall that is out of direct sight. The probiotics will find the way to the affected area. Reapply until the odor problem is resolved. If the lines are accessible a cloth can be wrapped around the lines and saturated with the diluted Forget About It For Boats for longer lasting contact and faster cleaning. Forget About It For Boats will not harm any painted, wooden, or fiberglass materials in the boat, it will only consume the organics. Any runoff will go into the bilge sump and benefit that area also. If there is leftover spray, pour it into the bilge to continue to work on any organics that may be there causing odor. The diluted spray will only be effective in the bottle for about 7 to 10 days.

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