How we discovered Struvite in the tank and why we developed TankTechsRx.

When we first started hydro-jet cleaning RV holding tanks in 2004, our goal was to eliminate the odor and correct the sensors. We very quickly discovered that very little was known in the industry about what was really going on in RV holding tanks and what was believed to be true was not. The gray tank was predictable. Soap scum and grease were fouling the sensors and causing a stink. At that time the solution was to put a deodorant in the gray tank and accept the fact, as we were told, that the sensors never work anyway. The black tank was a whole different story. In one of our early meetings with tank technicians we all wondered why so much “sand” was coming out of the black holding tank. Seriously, it looked like everyone went to the beach and rinsed their feet off in the toilet. As we began experimenting with different heads on a 3000 psi jetter we discovered that by changing the spray angle just a little, we were able to bring out chunks of what looked like and sounded like cement. The industry knew it was there, but no one actually knew what it was or how to get rid of it. The most common solution was to replace the tank when it got bad enough. While cleaning tanks we also quickly discovered that not one product actually did what was expected in a tank. The tanks all had heavy odor problems and sludge issues plus this new hard-as-rock layer that fouled the sensors permanently. The good news for our business and the bad news for the RV enthusiast was the tanks needed to be cleaned on a regular basis to be semi odor free and for the sensors to work. By accident, which is a story in itself, we discovered an international company that made a product for eliminating hog farm odor. We reasoned that if it could remove the odor from a hog farm, it could get rid of tank odor. We tried some and it worked well enough to get them to develop a product (TankTechsRX) that would both consume the sludge and get rid of the odor. They really didn’t want to do it because they were an international company that did not develop RV products. The breakthrough came several years into the development and experimenting with the new product. The microbiologist asked me why we insisted on her making this product for us. Explained it was the only product we had seen that could not only remove the odor but soften the hard stuff that was lining the tank and sensors. We described it as some sort of calcium/mineral/effluent build up that was in every tank we cleaned. She replied “that is not what you think it is” and instructed us to look up struvite on the web. That is what the buildup really is she insisted. We looked it up and we had better pictures of struvite than was on the web. Next she spoke these life altering words, “since you have figured that out on your own, we will work with you and make the product”. Eventually that has transformed us from a service company that had a product to a product company that has a service. From the web we learned that struvite is basically the crystallization of the off gassing that occurs when the effluent in the tank is breaking down. We realized why none of the products were working as described because they misidentified what struvite was and many of the products actually made the struvite worse by using chemicals and digesters. By 2012 we were confident we had the formula down and we had a product that would remove odor and struvite and did one more thing we were not expecting. It consumed the sludge in the bottom of the tank and left only what looks like a tea colored water. And better yet it is honestly good for the tank and environment. We brought TankTechsRX to market in 2013 and continued to work on variations for Boats (Forget About It For Boats) and Septic Tanks (TankTechsRx for Septic Systems) that would work as well in those environments as the original TankTechsRx does in RV holding tanks.
Why have you not heard about us before? We stayed small on purpose to prove the product in limited areas. Because it is so unique, it must be used differently than all the other products. We must teach the public how to use it and we were the only one back then who knew. (It is easier to use and requires no rinsing or frequent dumping to control odor.) Learn more about it in the FAQ’s.

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