Is your septic tank sick?

A septic system can be sick in a number of different ways. It could have harmful pathogens, that if they escaped from the tank could cause health and environmental harm. It could have noxious gasses or even gasses that are eating the cement or fiberglass tank. It could be root bound, collapsing tank or lines, or lines separating from roots or soil contraction. Drain fields could be impacting and on the verge of saturation. Sludge and scum build up could be to the point of clogging a line or drain field and just waiting for the next holiday party to push it over the top. The filter may be one washing machine load away from plugging and backing the sewer line up into the shower. Water could now be standing above the tank and ready to start ponding on the surface exposing all the pathogens and odors for the whole neighborhood to experience. I could go on and give you nightmares with potential problems but honestly neither of us probably have a clue if the system is sick. The truthful answer falls somewhere between maybe and probably with definitely a real possibility if anything goes wrong.
There is only one way to know for sure the health of your system. Inspect the tank. It is easy to do and the instructions on how to inspect and maintain your septic system are right here in these FAQ’s.
I can say for certain that your tank could be made much healthier in one very simple step. Flush one liter of TankTechsRx for Septic Systems down the toilet. That will stop, slow or prevent most of the preventable bad stuff we just listed from happening. Some things like roots or crumbling lines are out of our control. Most of the problems are preventable with TankTechsRx for Septic Systems . Just go over to the order page right now and order a liter. Well even pay the $10 USPS priority shipping. You’ll sleep better.

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