Lon’s biography.

Lon is a Wyoming farm boy with early boating interest and experience in white water kayaking and rafting. After graduation Lon left Wyoming and served in the US Navy for 7 years on a nuclear submarine, the Navy equipment of Top Gun. Lon enjoyed sailing in San Diego and some very exotic ports during his military service. After his last tour of duty, Lon did a little ranching in Wyoming and somewhere along the line worked for an outfitter guiding clients deep into the back country or solo packing out miles of fire hose for the US Forestry with a 30+ mule train after wilderness wild fires. After ranching, Lon moved with his wife and family to Portland, Oregon and worked in some technical fields. While assisting a mutual friend Lon was tasked with driving a moving truck along side our company founder, Don Zimmermann. During the two-day trip from Phoenix Arizona to Portland Oregon, Don introduced Lon to the concept of starting his own business working on RV and boat holding tanks. In developing his own business, Lon discovered that the common holding tank treatments used in RV’s and Boats were not removing sludge or odor. His unique background and his firsthand experience over the past 15 years in cleaning thousands of holding tank has left Lon with a unique depth of knowledge in the field. He often does seminars for RV and boating rallies and groups sharing his unique knowledge. The videos and faq’s are our effort to share his experience and answer your questions about boat septic systems and heads.

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