Making a tool to clear a plug.

We had a situation where a man with a plugged toilet went online and special ordered a TankToolRx and paid $100 to have it shipped to him overnight.  If the situation does not allow the time to order a the TankTool RX it is not hard to make one that will work from parts readily available at most local hardware stores.  The information on how to make a tool and how to use it is all on our page.  The tool we make adds a 3/8 x ¼  reducer added that is not as readily available, but you can build one that will work too.  This is the only tank tool style that will clear a pyramid plug from a toilet / tank and get it going again in minutes. The tools typically available will not work in most 5th wheel applications because they are not long enough or will not bend at all or bend too much.   It’s pretty easy, just listen to Dave on the video.