My TankTechsRx Froze! Can I Still Use It?

While freezing is not the preferred method of storage, we do realize that it can happen in some parts of the country. Scientific testing is ok for the lab but to find out what would happen in normal use we put a bottle in the freezer to see what would happen. We also had Minnesota customers report to us their experience with freezing the probiotics. We all had the same experience and came to the same conclusion. The product may have been either weakened or slowed some in the process, but it still worked fine. One Minnesota customer thawed his bottle out and used it on his trip to Arizona. We met up and did a camera inspection on the unit. It was perfectly clean and odor free. We kept the remainder of his bottle and field tested it for several months seeing no discernable loss of effectiveness. We have deliberately killed the probiotics in the bottle, and it is easy to tell with a quick sniff. It smells absolutely awful. If the molasses base odor is still there the product is fine. If it seems to work little slower, just add a little more to help it capture the quorum. There is no possibility of doing any harm by adding more, but we would only add about ½ ounce at a time.

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