Odor problem of flushing while driving solved.

A foul odor permeating the coach following the flushing of a black tank in a motorhome on the move is no great surprise to anyone. The air passing over the outside vent pipe from a coach in motion builds up air positive air pressure in the holding tank causing the gas to be released into the coach when the toilet is flushed. It is usually shrugged off as the price paid for the privilege of not having to stop to use the restroom. Why pay the piper if you don’t have to? We’ve got good news. With TankTechsRx in the holding tank there will not be the rush of foul odor coming from the tank when the toilet is being flushed. The patented blend of probiotic microbes consumes the odor as part of the process. You can feel free to go on the go without dreading the consequences so long as you have TankTechsRx in the holding tank.

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