Pumping out a sailboat under sail.

Some sailors don’t use their head. We are talking about the one on the boat that is connected to the holding tank. Their stated reason is it is too difficult to pump out completely on a calm day because to empty the holding tank the boat must be tacking in a strong enough wind to lay it way over on the starboard or port side depending on where the tank is. They just don’t want to deal with the odor problem later. Since we know that a sailor cannot always get back to port to use the head as fast as is necessary, “other accommodations” are required when the head is off limits. One boat broker in Southern California confessed to me the real reason she included a rope ladder with every purchase was to many of her customers had fallen overboard by using the “other accommodations” and could not get back on the boat without a rope ladder. Here is some great news. With Forget About It For Boats in the holding tank, it is no longer necessary or even desirable to empty the tank completely or often. We deliberately hold back some mother culture to keep the tank healthy and odor free. Also, it is no longer necessary to pump out every time. It is actually BETTER to use your head and use the head in the boat. If you want to take a dip in the ocean, do it on purpose.

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