Recirculating media filters in a septic system.

There are a variety of types of recirculating media filters but basically the effluent first travels into a typical septic tank. As the septic tank process the solids the liquid is gravity fed into a smaller tank with a pump on the bottom of the tank. The water is pumped from the bottom of the tank up to the recirculation media filter and then gravity fed back into the recirculating tank. The tank has a gravity flow pipe located in the upper part of the tank to allow the filtered effluent to gravity feed to a dispersal system. The filtration material could be sand, peat, textile filter sheets, or a number of other materials. Basically they are all filtering out the TSS as much as possible. This type of system has mechanicals that must be maintained for efficiency. The pump and the recirculating valve must be inspected and cleaned on a periodic basis to keep it working.

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