Sand filters.

Some systems use a post septic tank sand filter that is typically a shallow sand field that may have a liner to prevent effluent from seeping into the ground. It is designed to filter out any remaining suspended solids (TSS) and destroy any pathogens. There are many variations of this but the purpose of this is basically an added cleaning step before the water is recaptured and returned to the environment. In sensitive water areas the water may even pass through ultraviolet light to further insure there is not bacteria escaping the system. If the TSS count is to high the sand filter can become clogged and a pond will form. This may require an expensive restoration of the sand field.
When TankTechsRx for Septic Systems has captured the septic tank, the liquid being sent to the sand filter will be laden with our patented probiotic bacteria and continue to clean even in the sand filter and beyond. This will help to ensure the efficiency of the sand filter even during peak periods of use. TankTechsRx for Septic Systems has had success in drying out ponding by unclogging the drain field.

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