Simple Way to Unplug an RV Holding Tank.

While most RV plugs are pyramid plugs forming from where the base of the toilet and the tank meet, sometimes the opening from the 3 inch exit pipe inside the tank can be plugged or the pipe itself may get plugged. The video demonstrates how to make a tool that might clear the problem. We say might because there are a hundred reasons why it might not too. The first setback is actually getting it into the tank. This would be difficult to do in most 5th wheels because the path from the dump outlet to the black tank is long with too many turns and out of view. It also will likely include a Y that could be difficult to detect. It could be difficult depending on what is blocking the outlet. If it is non-organic, like a stack of makeup remover towelettes or baby wipes, it is likely going to fail. They require a skilled hand with a cable rooter. If it looks doable for you here is what you need:
RV clear tube connector
3/8 inch pex pipe long enough to reach the black tank.
A 3/8 inch drill bit and drill
Rag or towel to prevent any leakage
A way to fit it onto a garden hose. Could be as easy as shoving one foot of pex pipe up a garden hose and sealing it on with electrical tape.
A garden hose
Gloves and eye protection
A brief description of the process.
Attach the clear view adaptor to the RV outlet. Attach the sewer hose to the clear view adaptor. Secure the other end of the sewer hose to the dump station. Drill a 3/8” hole in the top of the clear view adaptor. Push the 3/8” pex pipe through the hole and up towards the tank. Attach the pex pipe to the hose. Turn the water on and slide the pex pipe up into the tank and twist and turn to remove the plug.
Better yet, watch the video. It is not hard or it is impossible, one or the other. Questions? Contact us at

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