Small tank dosage.

Many boaters and sailors are hesitant to use their marine head because smaller sail and power boats only have a 10 gallon holding tank in them. They are hard to empty completely and a nuisance to clean out. With Forget About It For Boats those problems are a thing of the past. The patented blend of probiotic microbes are blended together in a patented fermentation process over a 30 day period designed to eliminate sludge and odor. To use the head and leave it between trips is what it was designed to do. You are now free to use the head as it was meant to be used with no need to rush to empty or clean. In a small tank of 15 gallons add one ounce of Forget About It For Boats to the head. When it is full or convenient to pump out, do not backflush or add additional water. By leaving some of the mother culture in the tank you will only need to add 2 caps or ½ oz after the pump out. If the tank should dry out between trips, no problem, just add 1 ounce again and start over. If you will be away from the boat for a while, add a little water through the head to prevent drying out. Fresh water or raw water will be fine.

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Small tank dosage

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