The alternative to yearly tank cleaning

When TankTechs began it was a RV service company specializing in cleaning the sludge and odor from RV holding tanks and restoring the sensors to proper working order. Generally, the cleaning lasted about a year and we were growing a very good repeat customer business. When we were testing our patented probiotic mother culture, we discovered that the tanks no longer needed yearly cleaning because the sensors were working and there was no odor or sludge problems. The typical 90 minuet cleaning dropped to a few minutes rinsing. As we learned to trust TankTechsRx we started telling our cleaning customers who used our product to call for a professional cleaning ONLY if there was a specific odor, sludge or sensor problem. Did it effect the yearly cleaning business? Yes! Big time, but the service business continues to grow to this day because our customers are telling others about us. We have trained people from across the country how to service an RV holding tank and they sell our product to their customers too. It’s just good business.