Using Chemical/Enzyme Treatments to Clear a Plug.

In a dream world a plug will easily clear by pouring a splash of magic elixir into the toilet and POOF the plug is gone leaving only lingering essence of rose pedals.  But then you wake up and the toilet is still plugged, and it does not smell like roses.  Why won’t ANY product, including TankTechsRx just eat the sludge out of the way and clear the plug?  The short answer is no matter how much you pour into the toilet, it may not get to the sludge that is the root of the problem.  We detail that problem and offer the solution in another FAQ: When TankTechsRx will unclog a plug. It was written to explain exactly how, when and why TankTechsRx will work and when it will not. What is said there is also true for every other enzyme, bacteria, or chemical.  We at TankTechsRx specialize in cleaning holding tanks and we have personally cleaned and taught professionals across the country how to unplug toilets and tanks.  The fact is we literally wrote the manual.  Our years of experience has made us aware of some problems with chemical and enzyme/bacteria cleaners.  We have observed that some chemical treatments will cause toilet paper to crystalize and turn hard as rock. FAQ: What is really causing a toilet plug shows a rock-solid plug of paper in the tank that was carved into a pillar at 3000 psi.  Experience taught us that tanks using chemicals were the hardest to clean with a hydro jet. According to the EPA bulletin 909-F-99-002 enzymes and bacteria treatments only digest the waste to sludge that has to be pumped out.  While that may work in some easy cases, it will not resolve the basic cause and the plug is going to come right back. Our cleaning experience demonstrated that with every enzyme/bacteria treatment we came across.   In our experience the dream of a magic elixir is just that, a dream.  The reality is you must understand what is plugging the toilet or tank and how to remove it.  TankTechsRx has an entire site, dedicated to understanding the why, explaining the how, and preventing the toilet or tank from plugging again.