What can cause a septic system to fail?

There are two categories of things that can cause a septic system to fail. First are things you cannot easily control and second, things you can easily control.
Things you cannot easily control.

Roots in the system or lifting and breaking pipes
Freezing pipes
Improper installation. It is already that way
Poor quality parts.
Vandalism to the system
Flooding and natural elements
Undersized system for the usage

Things you can control that could cause a system to fail

Over Usage, not staggering the washing machine and shower times.
What goes into the system. With the exception of cleaning products including toilet paper, if you could not eat it, don’t send it down the drain
Lack of Maintenance of tank, filters and Mechanicals.
Chemical tank treatments that harm the breakdown process

All these things and more are explained in detail in these FAQ’s. Preventing most common septic system failures is to simple not to do.

Problem prevention begins with a simple tank inspection and maintenance that only takes a few minutes and adding one liter of TankTechsRx for Septic Systems once a year that only takes less than one minute.

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