What does it mean to capture the quorum in a septic tank?

Science teaches that the human body always has some harmful bacteria in it that could make it sick. For example, the virus that causes a cold is always present, but the body does not feel sick unless there is more cold virus present than there is healthy bacteria. If the cold virus outnumbers the good germs, the body will feel the symptoms of a cold. The cold captured the quorum in that system. The same is true in a septic tank. There are always putrefying bacteria at work in the tank, digesting and condensing the solids into the bottom of the tank. They have the quorum. Most commercial tank treatments brag on having billions of bacteria to introduce with each treatment, but since there are trillions of bacteria in the tank, the new bacteria and enzymes don’t stand a chance of gathering a quorum and controlling the breakdown process in the tank. TankTechsRx for Septic Systems uses a totally different process. Our patented blend of naturally occurring probiotic bacteria and our patented process of fermentation over a period of 30 days enables our final product to continue to grow in a septic tank at the rate of as much as 19 billion to one every 12 hours. That will capture the quorum in about 3 days or less and from then on TankTechsRx for Septic Systems has control of that tank because it will out multiply every other bacteria. Bonnie Bassler on youtube Ted Talks has a fascinating video that explains this in detail. Just follow the link on our web page.

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