What goes into the septic tank.

The septic tank handles a lot more sewage than we realize. Basically, all the drains in the house feed into the septic tank. Here’s a partial list that will give you an idea.
1 Toilet flush
2 Bathroom sinks
3 Kitchen sinks
4 Garage Sinks
5 Laundry room Sinks
6 Bedroom Vanity sinks
7 Showers
8 Bathtubs
9 Hot Tubs
10 Jacuzzi
11 Bidet
12 Ice makers
13 Dish washer
14 Washing Machine,
15 Rain Gutter
16 Sump pump
17 Water Softener
18 Rv. Dump station
19 Fish Tanks
20 Indoor ponds
21 Floor drains
22 Fountains
23 Any kind of water feature in the house with a drain.

Additionally, any drain in any building can go into the septic system. Most city or state codes consider gray water to be sewage so it all goes into the tank.

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