What is Forget About It For Boats?

Forget About It For Boats is a unique boat holding tank treatment consisting of a patented blend of 14 to 17 naturally occurring probiotic (beneficial) bacteria. The final product is developed through a patented fermenting process over a period of 30 days. It is stabilized in the bottle with a blend of food grade additives, the base being molasses. It is OMRI certified and GMO free. Blending the probiotic bacteria during the 30-day fermentation process enables the final product to be quorum sensing and repopulating when activated by the effluent in the holding tank. Essentially the beneficial bacteria communicate with each other and outcompete the non-beneficial bacteria for the food. They will not directly harm any bacteria. The beneficial bacteria consume the food source as opposed to digesting it the way the non-beneficial bacteria do. This results in eliminating both the sludge and left behind by the non-beneficial bacteria and the odor they create. Each of the probiotic bacteria strains has a specific job to do in the consuming process eliminating the solid waste and odor leaving only a water-based liquid containing mostly sugars and healthy antioxidants.

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