What toilet paper should be used with forget about it for boats?

When using Forget About It For Boats, the brand of toilet paper that can be used in a boat head is really not as critical as the volume of toilet paper. Specialty toilet papers are not necessary so use whatever you use at home. Forget About It For Boats will consume the fibers in toilet paper leaving only water. Other types of cleaning products like baby wipes, wet wipes, makeup removers, any feminine hygiene products, tissues and the like should NOT be flushed down the head. They are designed to be stronger and do not break down as easily and, in some cases, do not break down at all. Cigars, cigarettes, chewing gum, leftover foods etc. should not be put down the head either. With the exception of a modest amount of toilet paper and toilet cleaner, if you did not or could not eat it, don’t flush it.

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