What will Forget About It For Boats do if I get it on me or spill it?

Forget About It For Boats can do NO HARM if it accidentally spills on people or property. Because it is made with a patented blend of naturally occurring probiotic bacteria that has existed for thousands of years, we can say with complete confidence that spilling Forget About It For Boats will not harm any living thing or inanimate object it may be spilled on. It will not even directly harm pathogenic bacteria; it will only outcompete it for the food source thereby starving it. The Safety Data Sheet verifies it is completely safe in every situation. Accidental spills require only a water rinse on people or property. Ingestion may cause a person to have a bout with gas and accidental eye exposure requires only a quick rinse….it has salt in it. Any accumulation can be safely discarded to the sewer. We believe it to be the safest and most effective tank treatment available today.

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