Why 5th Wheel Holding Tanks Plug Easily.

When a plugged tank or toilet call comes in, every RV holding tank technician knows that is very likely going to be a 5th wheel holding tank.  The reason they plug is the way they are built.  Typically, the tank itself is wide and suspended between the floor joists without much, if any, support.  It is made of a softer material that will flex instead of crack under rode vibration, but that always means it is going to sag with a belly that does not empty.  Most often the bathroom is situated high above the tank requiring two 45 degree turns over a 4 ft. space to get from the toilet to the tank. To top it off the tank itself is quite shallow, just deep enough to accommodate the 3-inch drain pipe.  When the toilet is flushed without filling the bowl with water per the manufacturer’s instructions, the solids stack up in a pyramid beneath the 3 inch opening from the toilet.  Eventually the mound is going to grow up into the pipe backing up the toilet.  The first sign this is happening is the tank will burp an air bubble back up into the toilet when flushed.  Continued flushing is going to bring the paper and poo up the pipe and seal it off tight so the toilet no longer drains. At some point it will not be possible to flush without overflowing the toilet.  This is all easily preventable.  FLUSH with the required amount of water….a full bowl… when flushing anything with paper. The extra water will disperse the solids and paper throughout the tank with the wave of the flush.  Second keep TankTechsRx in the holding tank.  This will break the solids and paper into an easily flushable and “dump able” liquid. IF it is already to late and a toilet air bubble burp is observed, buy or build a TankToolRx to eliminate the problem by clearing the plug.  See the videos on clearing a plugged toilet or go to www.pluggedtank.com  for detailed instructions.  Then treat with TankTechsRx to prevent future problems.