Why capturing the quorum is important in cleaning a holding tank.

Do you want to clean the holding tank including the sensors and control the odor or are you satisfied with masking the odor and holding the sludge? TankTechsRx uses a totally different technology to treat a holding tank so it must be used differently. It is a really simple process that only requires a larger first dosage to get it started. We use a patented fermentation process and a blend of probiotic bacteria that enables the good bacteria to outcompete the harmful bacteria for food. The process is called capturing the quorum. When our bacteria are introduced to the tank it is in the minority and must outcompete the harmful bacteria. It multiplies at a rate of up to 19 billion to one every 12 hours but in heavy sludge situations a little more would be better just to get it started faster. Normal dosage for an RV is 2 ounces per tank for the first trip of the season. Because we do not recommend fully emptying the tank, after the dump out, ONLY ½ ounce is necessary to insure a healthy quorum. When you add TankTechsRx the first time it will make a noticeable difference within the first 24 hours but will not reach full maturity until 72 hours. If you need it to work faster just add another ounce but DO NOT empty the tank completely. That will keep it working for the next tank.

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