Why did TankTechsRx stop working?

Is there anything that might cause TankTechsRx to stop working? It is rare, but it can happen under two conditions. If a chemical was added to the tank that was in sufficient quantity to kill the probiotic bacteria it would stop working. Usually this will happen when cleaning the toilet with chemicals when the tank is empty. The cleaning chemicals get flushed into an empty tank and then the two capfuls of probiotics are dumped on top of the chemical cleaner killing the probiotics. If the tank were partially full this would have no effect because a chemical requires a 10% solution to harm the bacteria. A quarter cup of bleach is way more than a 10% ratio to a ½ oz normal tank treatment. Simple solution: clean the toilet before the tank is emptied. Then the chemical can do no harm. The second and more likely scenario is that it simply ran out of food. TankTechsRx is unique in the way it works. It does not digest organics and mask odors; it consumes organics and odors leaving environmentally beneficial liquid consisting of mostly Carbon dioxide and water. At some point in using TankTechsRx the old organics and struvite will be completely gone. At this point adding TankTechsRx to a tank of clean water will not activate the microbes and after a couple of weeks they can die. The solution is simple. To keep the now clean tank healthy and growing; use the toilet and flush it to feed it. Adding undigested solids like sugar might give it a little time but it is designed for the complexity of sewage to be efficient. If you are going to be away from the RV with a clean tank for an extended period, drain it completely. Wait to add the starter 2 oz. until the day before you leave. It will grow naturally the toilet is used.

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