Why does everyone say my tank has to be pumped?

Everyone says a normal part of Septic tank maintenance is periodically pumping the sludge and scum out of the septic tank to keep it working at optimal efficiency and protect the leach/drain field from clogging. We at TankTechsRx Totally agree. A septic tank must be pumped when the sludge and scum accumulations nearing 50 % of tank capacity. Not to pump could be expensive and foolish. All those who insist on pumping at specific time intervals will also freely agree with us that time is not the determining factor in when to pump. Sludge depth is the only factor that matters….but most pumpers do not want you to measure the sludge yourself. Their business is to pump the tank. We want you to make an informed decision based of the facts to determine when your tank needs to be pumped. That is why we teach how to judge the sludge and scum level yourself using the same tool they actually use in the field. Often it is just a pvc pipe with a sock taped to it. When using TankTechsRx for Septic Systems the time between pump outs can be many years apart. Our original test tank was pumped in 2006 because the leach field was plugged. We added one liter of TankTechsRx for Septic Systems at that time. As you can see on our videos, it still has clear, nearly odorless liquid and consistent drain field levels to this day. Currently 2019. None of the other tanks we have been treating have ever required pumping either, but someday they could. If our test tank ever needs pumping, I will call a pumper truck and pump it, but between now and then I will just do the routine checks and add a liter a year.
Now is the time where you skip over to the order page and order a bottle. We’ll pay the shipping. Let us know how many years it is between pump outs for your tank. Just one liter a year can delay pumping for a very long time.

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