Why does super bus need TankTechsRx?

Will TankTechsRx unclog an RV toilet as fast as other products claim they can?  The answer is either MAYBE, sometimes, it all depends or YES, it will clear a clog in minuets if you do it right. Let me explain.  We are aware of some product claims guarantying that by just pouring a bunch of their product down the toilet, it will magically unclog in 12 hours without moving the RV.  The old advice was to add the product and drive the coach around hoping the driving action alone would break the clog….and sometimes it does. They make these claims in good faith because some clogs are really easy to fix and some not so easy.  In our experience they are all really easy to fix, but then again, our experience includes cleaning tens of thousands of holding tanks. In our FAQ Clearing a plugged toilet with just hose pressure we identify the real culprit in a clogged toilet.  The determining question is how far up the toilet tube the paper and waste plug extends.  If it is only an inch or two, TankTechsRx will unclog it temporarily. It is just going to plug again because the root problem was not removed. If the paper and waste extend up the pipe a foot or more (which it often does) no digester is going to break it all down in a reasonable amount of time because the product will not reach the offending culprit, the pyramid plug in the tank.  Worse yet, some of the chemical products will crystalize the toilet paper and make the plug worse!  Enough of the bad news.  A toilet plug is simple to fix in minuets if you follow the instructions given at www.pluggedtank.com.  There you will see how a simple tool, TankToolRx, (you don’t have to buy one, we tell you how to make one) will unclog enough of the plug to get it to drain so you can add TankTechsRx to the tank to fix the problem at its source.  The bonus is it will drain the toilet immediately so it can be used immediately and the TankTechsRx will continue to consume the pyramid plug and clean the tank with no extra effort on your part.

Technically speaking, TankTechsRx did not all by itself unclog the toilet in minutes. TankToolRx did. Does that really matter? The plug is gone and not coming back.   TankTechsRx does all the final cleaning to prevent the plug from coming back.  That’s what really counts, right?