Why Macerator Flush Systems Need TankTechsRx.

Have you ever had to empty the RV hose (affectionately referred to as a stinky slinky) when the dump out is up hill? Why would anyone build a dumpsite that way? I hate that, but I have found it at more than one campground. To empty it, the stinky slinky has to be picked up at the RV and walked hand over hand to get the fluid level higher than the dump station. If the tank is full this may be repeated 30 or 40 times. There is an easier way. An electric macerator (portable or permanent mount) with bayonet hooks will attach to the 3” black pipe at the RV. A garden hose is attached to the macerator. When 12 volt power is applied with the tank valve open the macerator will take the gravity fed effluent and push it through the macerator blades and force it into the ¾” garden hose pushing it up hill to the dump station. Problem solved. If you find a situation where a macerator would be helpful make sure you keep the macerator no higher than the 3 inch opening from the tank. They do not have suction power and must be gravity fed. The outflow has some force from the spinning blades pushing it.
The reason TankTechsRx is necessary when a macerator is in use is because the macerator restricts the outward flow from the tank and that in turn allows the sludge and paper to remain in the tank. It has no ability to create a vacuum to suck it out. When TankTechsRx is added the paper and sludge will be eliminated leaving only water to pass through the macerator. They will pump more efficiently and last longer. If there is any fresh toilet paper or waste left behind, it will break down and not become a problem. With TankTechsRx we do not recommend draining the tank completely so a macerator will continue to work efficiently.

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