Why not pump out on the way in?

Forget About It For Boats recommends Pump on way out, leave in on way in to take full advantage of the cleaning powers of the patented blend of probiotic microbes that make up the mother culture that is now living in the holding tank. We are aware this is counter intuitive to everything boaters have ever heard about holding tanks, but the reality is Forget About It For Boats takes advantage of the latest technology to ensure a clean and healthy holding tank and environment. Unlike other tank treatments that are diluted every time the head is flushed, our bacteria multiply with every flush. They will keep consuming the organics by turning them into a form of energy until they are completely consumed, leaving only a clear liquid containing healthy probiotic bacteria, antioxidants, carbon dioxide and sugars to benefit the environment. If the tank is pumped out on the way in, the effectiveness of the mother culture is reduced by not giving it the time to consume everything. It is best to only pump out when more capacity is needed for the upcoming trip. Don’t stop the cleaning action but eliminating the food source when you pump out on the way in. By leaving it in the microbes stay active and keep cleaning the entire system including the pump out and vent lines. You will come back to a cleaner head system if you practice pump out on the way out.
Recap: Pump out on the way out is best because that is the way it cleans best.

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